Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Daisy Healing

While pondering upon a lady that I met today, Abba said 'DAISY' and the English Daisy is popular with traditional gardeners. White leaves with a golden centre, it closes at night and opens again in the morning. When I was a child we would pick the small daisies from the lawn and make daisy chains. We used to do the same with buttercups as well. Daisy as been used for healing in Roman times and this lady lives in an ancient Roman town. [1]

It is clear that this lady must engage in inner child work and also connect with a past life in the town in which they live to heal the sword and spear cuts.

The flower essence of Daisy is for healing trauma, bruises and post operative surgery. [2] Findhorn also do a combination remedy for the Inner Child that includes Daisy. So in this case I would recommend that the lady purchases a bottle of each. [3] However, I also work with flower essences so can make up a specific remedy for the inner child when I see her next week to do the inner child work.

I shall also recommend that she wears the colours of the Daisy, especially on her torso, winter whites, yellow/golds and shades of green until her health regains its balance.

Onwards and upwards



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Eliakim said...

This morning a brochure on flower essences arrived and it had not been requested.

They are from Scotland and they are essences of ORCHIDS. It is certainly time to call the ORCHIDS.

The brochure is beautifully presented.

High Quality