Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Abba as been calling out about the environment since 2004 when he said ‘HUMANITY NEEDS YOU NOW”. At that time we sent out a full article to people on our mailing lists for distribution and action. Most people ignored the instructions and will of God. Within weeks the Asian disaster happened on Boxing Day. That event is also mentioned in the bible as one of the predictions from Christ. 

Then we were writing, posting and emailing ‘’CREATION IS CALLING YOU’ and without me knowing the Italian disaster happened at the same time as I was posting. At the time of writing the article I was pondering about Italy and an eco warrior there.

A week ago, I was compelled to start writing the article about the Island prophecies and had to address other things. In the meantime, prior to finishing the article, we had the Greenpeace Islamic Apologetics, Indonesia posted on this blog on the 23rd of October. The same day we sent out another email about Indonesia that used to be a Buddhist-Hindu nation. We also distributed an email with a list of issues to do with Indonesia on the 23rd. 

A Christian Worshipper Stabbed and A Minister Beaten in Indonesia.
Indonesia: Court Upholds Controversial Blasphemy Law. 
So Much for “Moderate” Indonesia!
Indonesia: Muslim civil servants obliged to read Koran
Bloody New Year for Christians: Indonesia
. Indonesia and Ba’asyir, the Preacher of Hate
 Indonesia and Islamic Terrorism 
Indonesia on the Slippery Slope
. Indonesia: Muslim leaders urge not to link terror with Islam after hotel bombing.
Indonesian Justice minister calling on terrorists to bomb Israel instead of Indonesia

On the evening of the 23rd Abba delivered the GREEN LETTER and the information was posted on this blog the following day.

Over the weekend I then got around to finishing the article on the Islands Prophecy and sent a copy of the first draft to a colleague at 3.33am gmt 25th of October, 2010. The same day that the disaster hit Indonesia again.

While writing this post about Indonesia Abba said “Loathing’. The word loathing appears in a few places, in Psalm 119 it is to do with people who do not do the will of God when asked to do so. Psalm 119:157-159 NIV

It is also mentioned by Prophet Ezekiel. “There you will remember your conduct and all the actions by which you have defiled yourselves, and you will loathe yourselves for all the evil you have done” Eze 20:43 NIV.
The Hebrew word for loathing is “Tow`ebah” (strongs no 8441) [1] The word can mean abomination. Abomination also links in with the book of Daniel when the mosque was built in Jerusalem where it did not belong. The abomination predicted by Christ also stands where he does not belong. Who spent his formative years in Indonesia? Obama. In the Dead Sea scrolls he is the usurper. So what was Obama doing in Indonesia under the guise of writing a book?

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