Thursday, 27 December 2012


On the 3rd of December, 2012 I wrote about 'Cameron's Clinically Depressed'. Today, RT have provided a video titled 'Grim Up North: Financial gloom sparks suicides in North East, UK'.

'After stepping on the road to recovery, the UK is preparing to begin the new year recession-free. But in the North East, one of Britain's poorest regions, the financial down turn and wide spread unemployment has had a potentially devastating affect on people's mental health. According to a recent report, the region has almost 3 times the rate of self-harm and attempted suicide as London.'  

First Cameron had blood on his hands with the war against Libya, now there are suicides and the economy and unemployment are playing a major part in that. Economy and unemployment that is not improving for the poor across the country. 

The Church of England are also a co-creator, it did not inform the people about the biblical prophecies for this timeline. It did not inform the people what would happen if they did not do the will of the LORD God. The Church of England did not prepare the people for the last days of the end times and what would be required to get through it. So what use is Cameron and the Church that he represents? What use is the monarchy that did not help its people and the poorest of the nation? Did the Church warn the people about the medical profession and their drugs? Have they never read the book of Matthew or did they not understand it? 

They should be imprisoned for what they have done to the people of this nation. 

27th of December 2012 
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