Saturday, 8 December 2012


On the 6th of December, I wrote about the 'UK, Political Frenzy' following the announcement of the baby that is coming. I also wrote about the extraction and that was the day that Kate left hospital in London. [1]. Last night I added a comment to the post due to news of a the 'suspected suicide' of the nurse from the hospital. Now RT and its presenters are talking about the 'media frenzy' amid the death of the nurse. They have called it the 'Royal Pain', 'tragic' and the 'media hype that has turned sour'.

Visitors to this blog may remember that the LORD God also said 'It is tragic', I knew then that tragic events would take place. In recent days he said that he does not take no for an answer, and that every knee shall bow. Nobody is excluded from that, not celebrities, not newsmen, or the British monarchy. The British monarchy took on celebrity status when the British media put Princess Diana on the front page every day, they are doing the same to Kate. First we had celebrity Obama, now it is the celebrities William and Kate. All I can say at this point is teshuvah, you all know what happened to the Queen of Hearts.

What about the suicide of the Buddhist nun in Tibet is she not worthy of front page news? Five Buddhists have committed suicide in the last week. Do the British media care? Does William and Kate care about the people that are dying in tragic circumstances around the world? Am I smiling at current events around the world? No, I am not. I agree with the LORD God 'it is tragic'. All because the people refused the gentle waters of shiloh.

'Five Tibetans have set themselves on fire in the past week, including a teenage Buddhist nun. LinkAsia speaks with Dr. Tsering Shakya of the University of British Columbia about the reasons for this recent spat of self-immolations, and whether local Chinese officials are to blame.' 

Has we know Obama didn't offer to help Tibet did he?


May the blessed child that was taken over by the energy of the dragon fire of China, 
rest in peace until she comes back again. 



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