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HEALING FOR ESME - Chronic Leg Ulcer

I have just received a call from a dear friend who requires healing for her aunt ESME. Her father was also a healer that I knew when he was on the planet with us. Has we know the name ESME is a very unusual name. A name that can be for either male or female form. It means 'esteemed', 'to esteem'. It can also mean 'Beloved' in French. There is a town in Turkey and also in South Dakota with this name.

Esme is an elderly lady of 96 years old, apart from the ulcer on her leg she is very fit for her age.  My friend informed me that the ulcer is impacting on her nerve endings, I recommend St Johns Wort for her to help relieve the pain; due to it working with the nervous system of the body. I have also recommended a hot lemon drink with honey, made with fresh lemons to help her to detox the body due to the medication that she is having to take at this time due to the leg ulcer.

What causes leg ulcers? What do the medical profession say? 'The most common underlying problem causing leg ulcers is disease of the veins of the leg. Venous disease is the main reason for other two thirds of all leg ulcers. Venous disease is the cause of 80% of leg ulcers. An abnormally high pressure in the veins damages the skin and leads to ulcers'. [2]

How long will it take the ulcer to heal?  
It has usually taken many years for the venous disease to cause the ulcers, so it is not surprising that the ulcers may take a fairly long time to heal.  Although most venous ulcers will heal in 3-4 months, a small proportion will take considerably longer.[2] 

I asked my friend which leg? She said it was the left leg and that is do with earthly reality. 


Cabbage is one of the oldest folk remedies for ulcers, dating back to Roman times. In 1949, a group of researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine decided to put this virtuous vegetable to the test. In the study, 13 people with ulcers drank 1 liter (about a quart) of raw cabbage juice every day. They healed six times faster than people whose only treatment was the standard bland diet. Cabbage contains glutamine, an amino acid that increases blood flow to the stomach and helps strengthen its protective lining. During an ulcer flare up, Dr Murray (a natropathic doctor from Bellevue, Washington, an author of 'Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drugs), recommends that people should drink the juice of half a head (about 2 cups) of cabbage each day. Eating the same can be equally effective. Don't cook the cabbage because it the heat destroys its anti-ulcer abilities. [3]

Sweet Solution 

Research from New Zealand, the honey stops the growth of the ulcer causing bacteria. Dr Quillin recommends using only raw, unpasteurized honey for easing an ulcer, since heat-processed honey doesn't contain any of the beneficial substances. Try taking 1 tablespoon of raw, unprocessed honey at bedtime on an empty stomach. It is important to continue to take the honey after the ulcer is healed, to stop it coming back. [3]

Yoghurt is also recommended, it contains healthy bacteria that competes with the bacteria that causes ulcers. Get enough of the beneficial bacteria in your system and the ulcer causing bacteria will find themselves outnumbered and unwelcome. If you have an ulcer try to eat 1 cup of yoghurt 3-4 times a day for a couple of weeks. Dr Quillin said that 'When you combine yoghurt therapy with any medical treatment you can anticipate shortening the course of your ulcer by a third. Incidentally, when buying yoghurt, look for brands labeled "Live and active cultures.' which contain the beneficial live bacteria. [3] 

The advice is also to avoid milk and coffee if you are susceptible to ulcers. So if you are going to have tea, then it is a green tea, herbal tea, fruit tea without milk. 

Flower essence McCartney Rose is recommended for nerve tissue and Squash for legs. Has we know one can also eat Squash like mashed swede. In the summer months, water melon is also good for legs. Gurudas recommends a lot of different flower essences for ulcers and they include the following: 

Avocado, Cedar, Comfrey, Daffodil, Dandelion, Dill and Green Rose. 

On that basis I would also recommend eating Avocado due the sheer amount of nutrients that it holds, Dandelion tea, the herb Dill on salads. It will be interesting to see what tests when I make up a flower essence combination for her. 

I have recommended the cabbage has well, shredded with carrot, so that ESME can put whatever salad dressing she likes to put on the freshly cut salad. 

When I speak to ESME, I shall also ask her about your diet, because she is eating something that is not good for her and her ulcer. That is why after 4 months the ulcer has not healed. We have to give ESME a new diet that is healthy for her body. She also has to put her leg up, higher than her heart, and sleep like that has well for the time being. Her niece informs me that ESME said that she cannot have the cabbage due to a different health condition of the stomach. So what else do we have on the squash that can also be drunk has a soup. Fresh squash soup is available from most supermarkets. 

Squash is considered to be a fruit because it contains seeds. It is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. 
Low in fat, full of fiber, high in potassium (also found in banana), important for bone health, Vitamin B6, essential for proper functioning of both the nervous and immune systems. Squash also works with the heart. 


10th December 2012 

When I scanned Esme's painting, I could see a native American guide with her. Red Feather, also looking at it again on this post I can see Quan Yin as well. The painting tells me that we have to work with the heart chakra in her left foot.  


Has far as healing therapies are concerned, I recommend Reiki, and Reflexology in the first instance. Although some aromatherapy oils, like lavender and geranium will also be good for her to help her to relax and heal. 



3. New Foods For Healing, ISBN 0-553-58044-2

4. Flower Essences and Vibrational Medicine by Gurudas



Eliakim said...


When tested, the oils that she required were has follows:

Sandalwood and that is for the root. Its a balancing oil and it stimulates the immune system.

Frankincense is for the heart, it works has antiseptic, astringent, and is very uplifting.

I was also asked to include brandy in the oil combination and that is the first time that has been requested. So we shall have to look at the importance of brandy and what it contains.

Flower Essences

Feverfew is for adaptability, and the encouragement of flexible thinking. This is to help her to view the power of food in a different way because although Esme was a nurse she was taught about how food has the power to heal or prevent illness. She was open to trying the Squash, Saffron and I also recommended that she try some cous cous with lemon and saffron.

In addition I passed on a book for her to read about healing foods. She is a very intelligent lady, and I am sure that she will find the little book fascinating.

Orange Hawkweed flower is for releasing blockages and this essence is also good for past life situations. Esme says that she ready to go home, and she believes that people should be given a pill at the age of 70 that can be possible. So Orange Hawkweed will work with her views that are helping to co-create disease.

Esme will go when it is her time to go, not when she tries to co-create it. If she tries to impact on the leaving of the body, then she will just create pain for herself.

While talking to her, she shared that she had experienced some lower back problems due to when she was lifting men has a nurse.

A front tooth was removed when she was quite young, and she has had both cataracts out. Hence the importance of the Saffron.

She couldn't remember when the stomach unease began connected with food. She is a very bright and looks incredible for her age. Her father was half indian and she was born in india. She has an aversion to both garlic and onion, and this is likely to do with her childhood and past lives. Her niece said that she has also eaten like a sparrow for most of her life. Even now at 96, she still speaks of calorie intake. I told her that we have to put eliminating the pain from the ulcer first.

Eliakim said...

Brandy is recommend for people who are on a low fat diet.

Clearly Esme requires the brandy to help her body to defend itself. It must have a very important vibrational frequency.

Brandy comes from fermented fruits, other than grapes, and it is particularly good for the elderly. ESME has been given brandy in both the flower essence combination to ddrink, and the oils to put on her sole of her left foot.

Concentrated alcoholic beverages were known in ancient Greece and Rome. However, it seems that brandy first began to appear around the 12th century.

The fact that brandy is made from fruits it is clear that it has a vibration of Vit C, and is good for people that a have dietary deficiency. Looking at ESME's diet there is definitely a dietary deficiency going on.

Hence another reason why lemon is good for her at this point in time. Not just for detoxing from the pharmaceuticals and anti-biotics, but also to give her zest.

Honey and lemon is ideal for her and ESME could also have a little brandy in her drink if she would like to so.