Friday, 28 December 2012


Do you see what I see in the sun at the end of this video? It looks like Father Christmas skating on ice.

This morning's painting, it was actually painted the other way up. However, I will upload it both ways to show you. Here it looks like a man's head with hair on his face.

29th December, 2012 

Here it looks like an animal that someone has tried to skin while the animal was alive. Hence the blood of the flesh while it is still standing up. It looks like the shape of the honey badger.

It reminded me of the USA and what the bible says about killing animals. Now read Amos 6 and Isaiah 66. I once met a man on a forum and he told me how he had killed a bear, and how the coat of the bear was used by him has a rug. That was it, I couldn't have any more to do with him. The bears are important ecological engineers; and they're not meant to be eaten or shot by men. I would rather starve than harm a bear. Man has taken the habitat of the bears, the bears didn't take the habitat of humans.

Why can't Americans learn to live in harmony with nature and the beautiful creatures that the LORD God created? Has we know, guns are used to hunt and kill. Many Americans are still hunter gatherers like cave men. Let them all go and live in caves where they belong, and see how they like it without the latest technology at their fingertips.

When the animals cry for help, those with a true heart of conscience really do respond. I can tell you this that the USA is skating on very thin ice. Enough really is enough!


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