Monday, 3 December 2012

Baby Announcement - 3.12.2012

Announcement of the conception of a baby with William and Kate was no surprise has this painting was scanned on the 21st of November and that was the 'Day of Elegance'. They made the announcement on the 3rd of December and that is the 'Day of Ingenuity'.
They will make wonderful parents, and I feel that their priorities will change due to their realities changing. The monarchy of the future, will be nothing like the monarchy of the past. Humanity are changing rapidly, and this young couple will have no choice but to stay in step with the youth of today.

It is often the case that people don't inform the family until the scan is done in or around the 11th week.
It indicates a summer birth around May/June time and that would bring a gemini child.

Today's date also adds up to 29 and that is grace under pressure, 2+9 = 11 a masculine master number. I anticipate, and feel a boy, that will probably be given a Scottish name due to where they met. A name like James fits due to being a Scottish name, the name of a King, and an Apostle. However, if they chose the name David, the beloved, that would really catapult the internet in a way that they would not appreciate. So I do not recommend that they make that choice. If they had a girl, I can imagine a child that is a look alike of Princess Diana, with a name like Victoria.

You may also remember these baby colors that were posted as well.

Love beyond measure to the happy couple, and the baby that is being carried.


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