Monday, 10 December 2012


Last night I was compelled to paint a mandala for a blessed Spanish friend who lives in England. His family live here also.  In his mandala I can see the cactus plant and it signifies that he had many past lives in places where the cactus plant exists. I also see the squash, and squash like vegetables that are good for him to eat. Good for his vibrational frequency. Around the vegetables you can see the brown and he also had a past life in Italy with St Francis of Assisi. He was one of his rich friends, and merry men that gave their everything to help the poor.

I see a glory full frequency that has overcome and been victorious. Truly a blessed one, that did it all for love. He had chosen it pre-destination to be in my reality, and close to me has part of the divine plan. I see the diamond of his being on the planet that has a great impact.

While I was painting the outer part, the LORD God asked me to give him the sunshine, the fruit of the sunshine, the oranges of his homeland of Spain. A citrus fruit that is side by side with the green fruit. Has we know tomato is green before it turns red and when I first went to Spain, the Spanish did not know how to fry tomato, they ate it fresh. The right way to eat tomato with raw onion upon it to break down the proteins of the meat. The body of humanity was made to process food, it was not meant to eat processed foods. So eat natural has much as possible. Red onion,  is best and spring onions are good also to help the body to break down the proteins.

It is a beautiful mandala and it is gift that is well deserved. He was rewarded for his patience and his faithfulness to yours truly,  like the very best of saints. In this life he was a collector of maps, because he knew deep within his soul, last time we were together on this planet, he did not make it in time to the sacred place. He knows that the blessed ones had this opportunity a 1,000 years ago; and because they did not align their human will with divine will in time, humanity then went into the dark ages, and millions of people died has a result. So will humanity do the will of the LORD God this time? Or are they happy for millions to die before they will kneel? Let's see shall we!

Love beyond measure dear one, always in my heart.


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