Tuesday, 18 December 2012

John Anthony Hill - Muad'Dib'

This evening I was asked about the claimant that goes by the name of 'Muad'Dib' and apparently it means 'educator' in Arabic and some claim it means 'Teacher of Righteousness'.

So I looked to see what I could find on Maud'Dib and up come his friends website.


There was a novel written and it included a character called Muad'Dib', a fictional character, desert mouse. No surprise then that I first came across the author of the JAHTruth website amongst the mice and rats, on an American forum in the 2008.

The mission of the one to the USA e.g. Babylon is mentioned in Micah 4. When yours truly arrived on US soil, the Prince of Peace Church of Philadelphia burnt to the ground. It was the LORD's way of letting them know that his daughter ZION had arrived on US soil.

I took note of what John claims to be with the Spirit-being names and the websites cited.

Is John Anthony Hill who he says he is? No.

1. Apparently on his birth certificate his name is Anthony John Hill. And neither Anthony or John is the name that was given to Moses for the one that was promised. To be the one that he claims to be you have to have the right birth certificate, with the right name. It is all part of the criteria for the one that was promised.

2. The teacher of righteousness is in female form. That is why Prophet Hosea predicted that the LORD God would betroth his people to him with his faithfulness and righteousness. That he would plant HER in Jezreel. The LORD God did that in May 2006, when I was sent to Israel on the first mission. He planted his Harp of Faithfulness, his teacher of righteousness in the valley of Jezreel in Northern Israel to call the gathering on his holy hill.

I have emailed the friends of John informing them that he is not who he says he is; and that I can prove it. However, that doesn't mean to say that he didn't do good work on 7/7 research etc. Many people have done good investigative work, and made good film documentaries.

Now the friends of John Anthony Hill claim that he is the only person on Earth that knows the will of the heavenly Father and is actually living it. Is that true? Well the book of Revelation informs you that there are 144,000 that can hear the new song in this timeline.

They also claim that the monarchy fear him, they make various other claims as well.


Well I did smile, it reminds me of the boy scouts, dib, dib, dib.

Can John support his other claims? No, not when you compare his work with the work of the one that was promised and the biblical prophecies that have been fulfilled.

Has the LORD God said 'By the time they find out what we have done; it will be too late for them to change it'.

I can assure you that I am not a mouse, in fact I have been known to say to men 'Are you a man or a mouse?' The fictional character in the book written by Frank Herbert is an 'instructor-of-boys', clearly, John Anthony Hill has been reading too many books. His friends clearly like receiving instructions from him. Dib, dib, dib, boy scouts.

Now truly, what would the teacher of righteousness have to do with boy scouts?

She was in the girls light brigade and delivered 'SACRED WORDS'

Big smiles!


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