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This is a follow up of the first post on healing a leg ulcer that the medical profession have not managed to cure after four months. Apparently, they have said that they cannot find any bacteria and they are going to test Esme's heart. [1]

When I tested the oils for ESME and what she required because every person is unique. The following was brought forth:  Sandalwood and that is for the root and that is reassure her and help her to feel safe, because she has felt her body losing its balance.  Sandalwood is a balancing oil and it stimulates the immune system as well.  Frankincense is for the heart, it works has an antiseptic, astringent, and is very uplifting. I really like Frankincense it always reminds me of the second harmonic concordance in Little Walshingham. Our trips there with the Reiki healers to what is known as England's Nazareth. 
I was also asked divinely to include brandy in the oil combination, and that is the first time that I remember being asked for brandy mixed with the oils. So we shall have to look at the importance of the brandy and what it contains.

Flower Essences

Then the flower essences that were appropriate for Esme and her condition were selected. Feverfew is for adaptability, and the encouragement of flexible thinking. In my humble view this is to help her to view the power of food in a different way, because although Esme was a nurse she was not taught about how food has the power to heal or prevent illness. She was open to trying the Butternut Squash has a soup, Saffron has a healing spice, and I also recommended that she try some cous cous with lemon and saffron. Due to her not being able to stand for very long to cook due to her foot. However, she was not interested in trying saffron has a tea. Her niece is going to look at other ways in which she can consume the saffron. 

In addition I have passed on a book to her niece for her to read about healing foods. She is a very intelligent lady, a real lady, that has had a lot of responsibility during her life time.  I am sure that she will find the little book fascinating, especially has it includes references to medical research about the different foods.

Orange Hawkweed flower is for releasing blockages and this essence is also good for past life situations. Esme says that she is ready to go home, and her view is that people should be given a pill at the age of 70 that can enable people to leave the planet at a specific age. What does the bible say about that? Prophet Isaiah predicted that people will live to 120 years again, and that they will do so in a healthy way.
Esme also spoke about how she feels guilty about still being paid her nurses pension after thirty years; and has we know guilt impacts on, and disables the immune system. So Orange Hawkweed will work with her views that are helping to co-create disease. Help her to become more positive about who she is; and why she is on this planet at this point in time. I laughed with her, and told her that she has to stay on the planet and teach me about anatomy. I said that the ideal is the medical team and holistic team working together, hand in hand, side by side. 
I reminded her that nurses did not get paid very much money in those days, and she is entitled to receive her pension. While talking to her, she shared that she had experienced some lower back problems due to when she was lifting men has a nurse, and I reminded her of that fact, when she was complaining about receiving her pension for the work that she had done to help humanity. She had also worked in the last world war, and was out in the Middle East, in Iraq and other places including Egypt. A real Florence Nightingale.

Esme will go when it is her time to go, not when she tries to co-create it. If she tries to impact on the leaving of the body, then she will just create pain for herself and we do not wish for her to suffer. A front tooth was removed when she was quite young, when she was a child, and she has had both cataracts out. Hence the importance of the Saffron. All of her health conditions including the ulcer are connected. Tooth 32 is also to do with eyes, ankles, hips, knee, and the liver and she is experiencing pain in the knee as well.

She couldn't remember when the stomach unease began connected with food and spoke about the lack of good food during the war. She is very bright and looks incredible for her age. She is good at card games like Bridge, nimble with her fingers and needlework, she still make her own clothes. It is clear to me Esme has been a powerful catalyst in her local community. Here is a 96 year lady that looks around 68-70. Very trim, well dressed, has we say in England, she is has 'bright has a button', and 'totally on the ball', 'a pleasure to be around'.

Her mental faculty is brilliant for a 96 year old, and she has had an extraordinary and exceptional life. Her father was half indian and she was born in india, her mother was English. She has an aversion to both garlic and onion, and this is likely to do with her childhood and past lives. Although it could also come from her Father if he had been brought up by a Father that introduced a strict dietary law in the household. Or even the mother who had not experienced such things in her diet. I have known some spiritual people in my lifetime that refrain from onions and garlic; because their guru's told them to do so. 
Her niece said that she has also eaten like a sparrow for most of her life. Even now at 96, she still speaks of calorie intake. I told her that we have to put eliminating the pain from the ulcer first and include healing foods into her diet. The nurse smiled at me, and I could feel her see herself in me, when she was a nurse letting her patients know, who knows best. She felt uplifted to know that someone was willing to look at her health condition in a different way. Due to the medical profession going around in the never ending circles and here was I trying to help her to break that cycle.

I couldn’t find much information on the Brandy, so this is my feedback on that.

Brandy is recommend for people who are on a low fat diet that is what ESME has been on due to her watching her calories all of her life.

Clearly, Esme requires the brandy to help her body to defend itself. It must have a very important vibrational frequency and message to deliver to her body. Brandy comes from fermented fruits, other than grapes, and it is particularly good for the elderly. ESME has been given brandy in both the flower essence combination to drink, and in the oils to put on the her sole of her left foot. Both hands, and a few drops on her crown.

Concentrated alcoholic beverages were known in ancient Greece and Rome. However, it seems that brandy first began to appear around the 12th century.

The fact that brandy is made from fruits it is clear that it has a vibration aligned with Vit C, and is good for people that a have dietary deficiency. After looking at ESME's diet there is definitely a dietary deficiency going on, and it has gone on for many years. First the diet that she had experienced during the world war, then there was the promoters of a 'low fat' diet that promoted it endlessly.
Another reason why lemon is good for her at this point in time. Not just for detoxing from the pharmaceuticals and anti-biotics, but also to give her zest and purify her world view about herself. Honey and lemon is ideal for her, and ESME could also have a little brandy in her morning drink if she would like to do so. Just a teaspoon or two is enough for the body to get a kick-start into the healing process for the elderly. In my humble view, people are never to old to heal or change their diet. 

With the brandy highlighting the dietary deficiency in the elderly, it also speaks to me of a different kind of diet deficiency that humanity is experiencing. Humanity has a deficiency in understanding what is required to help the people to heal humanity of its health conditions. Humanity lacks the essential oils and frequency of the first fruits that people like myself bring to the table.

Why is that? Liberal academics have focused on education and traditional science; instead of the power of our nations healers that work with vibrational frequencies. We work with the energy of the cosmos and in harmonics with it.

When I left ESME she was very happy and uplifted, she loved the attention, the gentle Reiki healing and the touch with gentle massage, and chat. The gentle waters of shiloh. After I got into my friends car to come home, I saw a large honey bee in the light in front of me, it was a good sign and confirmation that ESME had taken the honey of wisdom on board. Has we know, when we give others Reiki, we also receive the healing energy ourselves, so the more that we give, the more that we receive. 
Wisdom truly is here for those that have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart to understand.  If the truth be known, humanity is suffering a huge amount of diseases due to the deficiency of spiritual disciplines and methodology in their lives. Some people would rather die, rather than embrace that which can help them to live healthy lives; by changing their views of that which can help them in this timeline.

Healing those that require it, and the wisdom that delivers it. When we nurture others we also nurture the self, we learn so much from healing others and it is truly wondrous to share the heavenly with those that lived in an earthly reality for much of their lives. In my experience wisdom comes from the integration of life experience, and what life has been brought to teach humanity. Wisdom can also be divine when people choose to view it through the eyes of God, that is why the Son of God predicted, that wisdom would come in this timeline to help the people. The Dead Sea Scrolls also stated that the people must accept the corrections that she provides, just like Esme was corrected on her views about herself. Wisdom corrected her, and now she can truly benefit from the corrections due to her embracing its sweetness, that is like honey. Perfectly natural, organic, and created by the LORD God to aid her understanding before she leaves this planet.



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