Friday, 28 December 2012


I was pondering on someone I care fully for and the LORD God called my attention to him. He called 'ELIA' and he said it in such a caring way. He knows my tender heart so well, and he does not wish for me to be distracted by anyone, not even my own son.

After he said ELIA to me, I knew that I had to look at what was going on in Egypt. Egypt is divided by their new constitution and it is written that their 'economy is faltering.' I am not surprised that the economy is faltering with all the turmoil that they have been through since the changes began in 2011. Egypt depends on tourism and Europeans will not travel to Egypt if the Muslim brotherhood cease full control.

The people that campaigned and died for freedom for Egypt are in my heart. I know how you feel dear ones, myself and my friends have Egyptian friends in Egypt and abroad.


I know that the Egyptians that chose to live abroad are all praying for their brothers and sisters in Egypt. You can add my prayer and positive intention for all of you that care so much for your country, its ancient history and culture.

I know that there are Egyptians living in Egypt that cannot be consoled by what is happening there at the moment. I feel the feeling, I sense your disappointments. Have courage dear ones, it is hard for us all right now in different ways. This was never ever going to be an easy transition in the last days of the end times.

Let us all ask the LORD for divine intervention; so that freedom can truly be yours.

Know that I love you, I know your true Egyptian hearts. Let me wash away the darkness with my tears for you, let me sanctify Egypt with my tears.


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