Wednesday, 26 December 2012


The other day I made a post called 'Chief Golden Light Eagle Dream of Obama' and he is an Inca, -Sioux Chief. [1]

Now this amazing video has been posted, it was uploaded and it is dated the 17th of December. That was the 'Day of Chemistry' and it is also to do with alchemy.

You will see various images in the video and it would be good to see some of the scenes blown up to get a closer look. In the golden light of the sun you will certain images, in addition you will see a golden eagle formed by the clouds and the sun. In addition to another face at the end of the video. In the golden light shaft other images also appear and it looks like two people flying.

This was captured on video in Brazil at 20.15 and 2015 will be an eight year. Has we know eight is the number of spiritual transformation.

You may also remember the painting of golden wings.

PSALM 68 is about ‘Golden Wings’ and this post was made on the 11th of December, six days prior to the video being filmed.



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