Wednesday, 26 December 2012

High Court Judge calls out Cameron and 0.1%

A High Court judge yesterday attacked David Cameron’s focus on gay marriage, saying he should be concentrating on tackling the ‘crisis in family breakdown’.

Sir Paul Coleridge, who is head of a charity that combats marriage breakdown, said the question of gay unions was merely a ‘minority issue’.

He said that rather than wasting so much time on something which will only affect ‘0.1 per cent’ of the population, the Prime Minister should be doing more to tackle family breakdown, an issue which affects ‘99.9 per cent’ of Britons.

Sir Paul said same-sex marriage was the wrong policy for ministers to be pursuing when divorce rates among traditional unions had reached ‘obscene’ levels.

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Of course, the economic climate impacts on relationships and is a co-creator of disease; including prostrate cancer for those that have not healed their issues to do with 'feeling safe', and 'secure'. Those that rely on money for their security are hit the hardest when times are hard. Hence, the importance of teaching children the value of money, how to be frugal, how to make something to eat out of next to nothing. How to be happy by seeking happiness within, and appreciate that which is free in life. 

However, the High Court Catholic Judge does highlight that the 0.1% are gay and the sheer amount of money, time and effort that is being devoted to the minority instead of serving the majority. Clearly, Cameron is responding to his friends that have helped him along his career path to No 10; and we all know where nepotism took Ron Paul and is taking Obama and his Obamanation. 

Is David Cameron fit for purpose? Clearly not!

Does Cameron have the solutions to help the 99.9% of Britons? 

No, nor does Obama have the solutions in the USA. It is written that he cut short his holiday to return to the White House due to the economic situation. While his buddies in the Middle East are taking the gold, the Brits are running out of things to sell. Even American corporations are buying up British brands and companies and we all know what happens when that takes place. Reduction in the number of British jobs due to the corporations putting jobs abroad. Unemployment then impacts on the economy of the British family and its marriages. There is an old British saying 'When poverty comes through the front door, love flies out of the window'. That is certainly true if the relationship is based upon human love instead of divine love. Poverty is certainly a great test of any marriage; and what it is truly based upon. It can also be a test of one's faithfulness to God. 

How many people could live in poverty, be holy beggars for years and still love God with all of their hearts and souls? Very few, it takes a rare soul that is prepared to do everything for the Creator and go without what most people take for granted. When you know that he has your best interests in his heart; and all that he does through you is to help his creation, it is a humbling experience. When you come to know how powerful you are, you then live in true humility of it. 

Onwards and upwards 


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