Monday, 10 December 2012


When I woke up this morning, the LORD God spoke to yours truly, his divine instrument, the Harp of Faithfulness. He said 'If they reject you, then they reject the will of the LORD'. 

While walking on the green the other day he also said that he does not take no has an answer, and that every knee shall bow'. That was the day that I came across the book 'Restoring Grace'. 

After I found the book I felt it was important to get in touch with a lady with the name of Grace. While I was tracking her down I was sending all of my positive energies and love in her direction. I did speak to her and she was fine. However, it was brought to my attention yesterday, that the location where I had been sending my energy and love to; had experienced an event. 42 children had a miraculous escape when a tractor collided with them, Hence it is very important that people listen to their intuition, follow the signs until they reach their  conclusion. 
Has we know the crop circles also spoke of grace and grace being under pressure in the numerics of 29. 

I did share with the people that the recent lunar eclipse was about colliding worlds. Hence, the collision of the bus and the tractor. 


I knew when I was directing my energy to Grace and the place where Grace once lived was very important. Yesterday, I was shown the reason why. Also yesterday, I woke up feeling 'punch drunk' like I had been in the wars during the night during sleep state. Then when I checked the news, a man with the name of David had died in London, he was punched to death outside the Rocket pub in Euston, London. At KINGS CROSS where I lived has a child. 

When the Lute of Lovingkindness said that what you do to others you do to me, there was a scientific aspect to it. I have a strong connection with the name David and whatever happens to people with the name David, impacts on me on a vibrational level. The biblical prophecies predicted that I would suffer due to the iniquities of men, I surely have and do. Has we know, the meaning of the word David is beloved. 

If you think that the LORD God is going to continue to allow his holy instrument to suffer for the deeds of humanity, you can think again. For has the prophecies predict the nations will be destroyed, if the people reject his will. Why is this so important? Humanity simply will not survive on this planet unless they teshuvah to the sacred. Many saints have reincarnated on this planet. However, most of them have not yet integrated sainthood, has such, they have not yet aligned their will with the will of the LORD. However, they shall do so, because they simply do not have a choice in the matter. Humanity does not have a choice in the matter either. 



This time the saints will align their will with the will of the LORD, then they will not die again has martyrs. They only died has martyrs due to not aligning their human will with divine will. For the light of the LORD God and his lamp stand always show the people the way out of harm's way. Just like the children on the bus that did not sit in seats that could have been the death of them. Due to the light of love from the lamp stand being sent in their direction at that time. 

The LORD God has decided that this is now the timeline when every knee shall bow. This divine instrument of the LORD God passes on to you, the words that he speaks to yours truly. To help the people to understand what and why things are happening right now. 


His divine will shall be done. 


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Eliakim said...

What is happening in Italy? Will it be broken apart? The richest province of Italy, actually belongs to Austria and the people in South Tyrol still do not feel Italian.

Italy took South Tyrol, the richest province of Italy, nearly 100 years ago. The Italians wished to have control of the alps, south of the Brenner pass. No surprise then that the joyful harp has been to the pass and South Tyrol. The LORD God also said that he would glorify the place of his feet.