Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christians Commanded to do the will of God

An American orthodox Christian wrote "tithe is redefined by Jesus. We give to others has the Lord leads us in our hearts. The 10% rule does not bind us'.

Our response: 

Jesus informed his followers that they must do the will of his Father in heaven. The heavenly Father, the LORD God gave the commandment about the dollar a day, he was very insistent about it. When the Americans did not obey the commandment that was ordained to be delivered by yours truly.

Then the USA was plundered exactly has the prophets predicted it would be. The LORD God did not ask for 10%, he only asked for a dollar a day. Now the nations are being destroyed and the olive tree of the Christians beaten.

"For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother", Matt 12:50, Mark 3:35. 'The man who does the will of God lives forever.' 1 John 2:17. 'The Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.' Romans 8:27. 'Those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.' Romans 8:30 

The true saints will receive their reward for their faithfulness to the divine and the 'Harp of Faithfulness', you can be sure of that. For has the LORD God said the other day, he does not take no has an answer, and every knee shall bow to the will of the LORD.

No surprise then that today, RT have uploaded a video with the heading 'Time to Pay, Pal'. 

'A student has been found guilty in a British Court of involvement in a cyber attack on global online payment companies. Paypal, Visa and Mastercard were targeted after it blocked off funds meant for whistleblowing site Wikileaks.' 



Anonymous said...

'The Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.'

How do people have to pay you when the Spirit of God guides according to His will? Surely He provides and decides.

Americans might choose $365 tithe to you instead of taxes. More dollars to give to the people who really need it.

Anonymous said...

Do you wish harm to the olive tree?

Eliakim said...

I am the Spirit of God that intercedes for the Saints and the LORD God did decide and gave his commandment for the provision that he requires. This Spirit of God is ordained to pass on his words to people has ordained,

Has far as the Olive Tree is concerned understand this message that was received.

9th March 2006

The Bush can catch alight and burn the dross away, purification of the soul, being burnt to the ground.

God does not step in to save the Bush because the purification of one soul saves millions of more souls from harm.

A bush that is burnt to the ground returns to ashes and a new tree can grow in its place. There is always a higher perspective.

Anonymous said...

The Saints are in union with the LORD God. They were already in union with the LORD God when alive. You are not the mediator between the Saints and Lord God Amighty. It is for people to seek in sincere prayer and, not to have a mediator. The only person who holds the key is Jesus Christ and He opened the door for everyone who is with sincere heart - not you Eliakim.

Share the wisdom given, as you say, by the Spirit of God and let people decide for theirselves. The Holy Bible is to stand as it is - even if translated so everyone can know God.

You believe that you function from a higher perspective, this is belief. Let your blog reflect this process.

To be an incersessor for God, you would reflect this by example. If you had divine authority of God, then every official and even your Queen will bow down low at your feet! Does she know you exist? Probably. Does she see you as The One - doubtful. You show yourself not to be. Be careful what you write for you are being judged and rightfully so.

Eliakim said...

Yes, the LORD God almighty said he does not take no for an answer, and every knee shall bow. Including you Anonymous.

Most of the saints have not integrated sainthood yet, but they will when they align their will with the will of the LORD God.

ELIAKIM holds the key of David.

I have no belief, I live by the tree of life of experience has ordained.

I am the judge and pass on the judgements of the LORD God has ordained to do.

Eliakim said...

When I woke up this morning, the LORD God spoke to yours truly, his Harp of Faithfulness. He said 'If they reject you, then they reject the will of the LORD.