Sunday, 23 December 2012


When I woke up this morning the LORD said 'Christianity has created a bottleneck'.

A bottleneck occurs in the decision making process. Wiki mention four bottlenecks that may occur:

Global versus Local 
Center versus Business Unit 
Function versus Function 
Inside versus Outside Partners 

In engineering, a bottleneck is a phenomenon by which the performance or capacity of an entire system is severely limited by a single component. Formally, a bottleneck lies on a systems' critical path and provides the lowest throughput. As such, system designers try to avoid bottlenecks. 

Has we know a bottleneck on the road is often a narrow part of the road, or to do with construction works. When the roads are up, it causes a traffic bottleneck. Now we also find the bottleneck in population genetics. The immediate effect of a population bottleneck is to decrease genetic diversity, promoting the effects of stochastic genetic drift over natural selection. In the long-term, repeated population bottlenecks can severely decrease population fitness. 

When there is a population bottleneck, the people either go into recovery or extinction. If Christians stay on the road that they're on, then they will become extinct. Its many years ago now when the Son of God said that the Christian fundamentalists are an endangered species; and now the heavenly Father is speaking about the bottleneck.

However, I am most interested in the genetic aspects of this due to what science are doing with
genetics; so let us take a look at 'stochastic genetic drift over natural selection' has I support the law of natural selection.

Genetic drift on wikipedia is given a graphic that explains that it takes place over five generations and a case to do with the Amish is cited. Two people in their new colony had Ellis van-Creveld syndrome and due to their interbreeding since 1744, the Amish have a much higher incidence of Ellis van-Creveld than other populations. So you could say that when Christians marry Christians from their own communities like the Mormons, they're actually causing a bottleneck and their own extinction. You could say that the Jewish people and American indians did the same. Hence, it was known that the Indian tribes people married each other; and many Jewish people married outside of their religion and culture as well.

The word stochastic is from the Greeks and it means 'aim' or 'guess', a stochastic process is to do with behavior and is non-deterministic. In physics we are offered a gambling analogy and it is called the 'Monte Carlo' method. Has we know Americans are big gamblers, even the scientists gambled with the lives of billions when they introduced GMO and nuclear energy.

In Medicine, the 'Stochastic effect, or "chance effect" is one classification of radiation effects that refers to the random, statistical nature of the damage. In contrast to the deterministic effect, severity is independent of dose. Only the probability of an effect increases with dose.' 

Well the simplest analogy is the one that the LORD God gave, it is a bottleneck and they do like their bottles. Most mothers now give their babies a bottle instead of their breast. Humanity might like to ponder on why there are so many people drinking out of a bottle instead of making love. It is also a known fact that alcohol also impacts on fertility. Has we know this is the 'Saturn in Scorpio' transit so it will bring forth issues to do with sexuality and fertility. However, I can understand how and why Christian American created a nation of bottlenecks, orthodoxy can certainly drive people to the bottle! So the LORD God is not calling them 'red neck', but 'bottleneck'. The construction by the Churches have caused a huge traffic jam, you only have to look at the roads to see what they have co-created. Concrete everywhere laid upon the land, land where food once grew. Land that was once a natural environment has been impacted upon by the scientists and their supporters. It is the same with the pharmaceutical industry and the body, the bodies of most Westerners is now toxic. That is why the biblical prophecies speak of it in terms of the land being 'defiled'. 


Dr Emma Derbyshire said that 32 per cent of those having trouble conceiving became pregnant by giving up stimulants compared to 33 per cent after IVF treatment. Women wanting to become pregnant are as likely to succeed by giving up alcohol and caffeine than by attending a fertility clinic, a nutrition specialist claims. And she revealed that quitting smoking is as important as a healthy diet in improving a woman's fertility. Previous studies have shown that smoking can delay a woman's chances of getting pregnant by two months. Dr Derbyshire, of Manchester Metropolitan University, said couples should tackle their unhealthy lifestyles first before choosing expensive fertility treatment. [4] 

Instead of creating another bottleneck this Christmas, the people could choose to go for lemon and honey in hot water. A large glass of it to keep those colds away. Nobody is forcing the people to drink out of a bottle, people can choose a glass instead. However, Job 32 mentions the bottle and it is to do with Elihu and Job. In the book of Revelation the wall is made from Jasper and has we know Jasper is symbolic of a designer. The city of pure gold, has pure has glass. Rev 21:18 

Did the LORD God create the bottle-neck that Christianity has created? No! The LORD God created an intelligent design. 






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