Wednesday, 19 December 2012


What stands out the most from BBC report on Eric Pickles announcement about funding cuts is his words 'ending the something-for-nothing culture'. 

Well that says it all, because there are millions of people that have paid tax for most of their working lives and they are now faced with receiving nothing back due to what they were forced to pay into.

So will the government actually end the something for nothing culture? The culture where British families pay up to 73% of their earnings in direct and indirect taxes? No of course not, the British government live off of the backs of the poor.

All local councils will get funding cuts on top of the bedroom tax that is planned for next April. I have already explained that the British government is in contravention of the UN convention of the Rights of the Child. At the same time the local councils are being given an incentive to introduce the Bedroom tax, because in the same month of April 2013, local authorities will retain 50% of business rates raised within their boundaries, instead of giving it to the treasury. Hence, wealthier areas will benefit more from the changes. Although higher funding cuts are also being placed on those same councils. It reminds me of the saying 'taking from Peter to pay Paul'.

The LGA described the funding settlement for 2011-2012 as the toughest 'in living memory' with English councils facing a 12.1% cut in their core central government funding. Those funding cuts will now increase by an average of 3% and the wealthiest councils face an average funding cut of 8.7% for 2013-14.

Labour's Hilary Benn said that 'Mr Pickles was 'living in world of his own'.

If I was in charge of the local council what would I do?

I would say bye bye central government, we shall hold onto all of the money that is raised within our boundaries. We shall hold onto all taxes paid in wages and national insurance contributions, we are opting out of you living off of our backs. Let London pay for the upkeep of central government and its civil servants and we will pay for our MP to attend any sessions that impact on our communities as a whole.

In other words, no more money to central government at all, at any time.

You know there was a time when the UK was not united under one government, and the ICENI Queen fought against the invading Romans. Will the Queen from the East rise again to take on those that wish to destroy her homeland?

Let's wait and see shall we.

Didn’t Charles Dickens write about a Mr Pickle?

Eric Pickles is Mr Bumble, George Osborne is Wackford Squeers, and Charles Dickens would be "horrified that the poverty he fought to eradicate is being brought back by warped Tory ideology". [2] 

Isn't that what the biblical prophecies speak about when Prophet Isaiah spoke about the 'Spirit of Distortion'. The origins of the word in Hebrew also means 'warped'.

It was Mr Bumble, the Parish Beadle that removed Oliver from what is called the 'Baby Farm', in the Victorian era of child slavery and the workhouse. Remember this painting and the warning that I gave you about the children?

I was given a vision of the 'gruel' in what looked like a tibetan bowl, and Nostradamus also gave a prophecy about  the 'gruel',  and it links into this timeline of the war against Syria. They can still fund their wars and weapons can't they? That is the very first thing that should be cut completely and you can put Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Pickles on the top of it with the British monarchy.



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My 12 year old washing machine is refusing to operate this 21st, what is Mercury up to?

The 21st is the 'Day of Enigma'.


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