Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I have looked at this Nostradamus prophecy in the past. However, it is worth reviewing it again in light of current events.

'The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter:
Not far from the great millennial age,
When the buried will go out from their tombs'.

There are key aspects to this prophecy and Nostradamus makes a point of emphasizing the word 'number'. 2005 was a seven year and it was that year that I was compelled to write an article called 'The Power of Seven', it was published in British spiritual magazine at that time. In Hebrew seven is the ZAYIN, and the Jewish sages refer to it has the 'woman of valor'. Seven is also the life number of the spiritual teacher and it is my life number., So what she had to teach on a spiritual level at that point in time was accomplished, that is why she stopped teaching in workshops etc.

Nostradamus speaks of an appearance, in other words they are seen, has a person is seen. It was the following year that I was sent to Israel for the very first time in 2006. Has such, the prophecy is saying that the appearance could not happen until after we had accomplished what had to be done.

It then mentions the 'games of slaughter' and has I mentioned in my previous post that can relate to the computer games. The other key to the prophecy is the fact that the buried go out from their tombs; and the tombs are to do with religion. Plato also gave the analogy of the 'cave' to do with illusion. Has such, it indicates that was a time when people really began to wake up on a much larger scale around the world. Of course there was also the everlasting covenant for the children that was delivered in 2007, on the second mission to Israel and the children received their divine plan then.

A poster on our blog says it relates to the seventh day. I will have to agree to disagree, because Nostradamus is very specific when he mentions 'THE YEAR, and GREAT SEVENTH NUMBER'. We also lived at number seven during the 90's when computer games were taking off in a big way, I still live in a place with a compound number of 7.

Its no coincidence that 74+10 = 84 and 8+4 = 12 and here we are in a year ending in 12 and there has been another slaughter at a school. Some are saying that young Adam was into computer games. Its a sad day when so many children are dying; due to humanity not taking the warnings from the LORD God seriously enough.

What can I say, so many people are in serious pain. Yet, they still refuse to embrace that which is good.

It is no coincidence that this posted at exactly 13:13, has we know 13+13 = 26 and it is the Hebrew gematria value for the name of God.



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Eliakim said...

My 12 year old washing machine is refusing to operate this 21st, what is Mercury up to?

The 21st is the 'Day of Enigma'.


Man arrested for knife at school after hours. Fremont Police Department officers arrested a 20-year-old Fremont man for taking a gun on the Oliveira Elementary campus, 4180 Alder Ave., Tuesday at 7 p.m.Officers had gone to the school on a follow-up for another incident when a custodian told them three men were loitering near the rear of campus. Officers found the trio sitting on a bench drinking 40-ounce cans of Old English beer, police said. They searched the suspects and found a switchblade knife with a 4-inch blade on one of the men.

Officers arrested 20-year-old Joseph Vigil of Hayward on possession of a weapon on school grounds and booked him into Fremont City Jail.Carlos Rodriguez, 20, of Fremont and Daniel Ortega, 18, of Hayward, were cited with notices to appear in court on charges of minors in possession of alcohol, police said.

19th of December I wrote about Mr Bumble, Pickles e.g. The book and film Oliver Twist.

The LORD’s message about ‘NADAH’ also mentions Joseph and how they do not grieve for the ruin of Joseph.

20th of December I wrote about Virgil’s Aeneid.

Numerics in the news 4180 = 13 = my date of birth, the Hebrew gematria for the word ‘LOVE’, and ‘THE ONE’.

7pm the life number of the spiritual teacher and the value of the ZAYIN, ‘woman of valor’.



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