Saturday, 15 December 2012


Tonight's paintings, the first one looks like a blue fruit or vegetable.

After that I began to paint for a young lady with chronic Crohns disease due to her dad being concerned about her, and the impact that it could be having on her fertility. I do not recommend that anyone tries to conceive while they have such a serious disease, due to the sheer amount of drugs that the medical profession give them. Always remember that the medical profession do not have a cure, they only have drugs and the knife.


15th of December, 2012. 

The first thing to do with Crohns is counteract the harm that the drugs are doing to her body, due to the metal of mercury being in the drugs. As we know, the drugs make this condition grow more, they do not stop it, the pain or continual flare ups. In my experience it can he healed, miracles truly can happen when people are ready to listen and do what is required to stop the disease in its tracks. 

It does mean tracking the disease back to its root cause, and changing the diet to suit the body. Be tender with the bodies and the bodies will be tender to you. Red and golden fruit and veg is recommended. That includes plums, red onions, (lots of fresh garlic), butternut squash, swede, banana, pineapple etc. The banana and strawberry smoothie from ALDI is also excellent value at 1.69. 

Fresh fruit and veg, fish and chicken, no meat or cheese with yeast in it. Cut out wheat has much has possible and all of the rest that the body does not like. Remember this that the body was created to process food, it was not created to eat processed foods. 

The painting indicates that a miracle is possible for the young lady, and I do see the possibility of two children in the painting, I also see saffron in the painting and the possibility of a celebration on Valentines Day. 

Also let us not forget the power of the blackcurrant, I am enjoying snacking on the the redcurrant jelly on Finn Crisp original rye. I also like the rye with cream cheese, garlic and herbs. [1] 

Next year Valentines Day 2013, comes in the new Chinese Year of the Black Snake, so I do hope that you are all ready for it. 2013 is likely to be a good year for yours truly, being born in the year of the horse, especially to do with food. Last night a friend asked me to write a book about food for various diseases. That same friend reminded me that I used to live at number 13, and that her parents once owned that same house. The color of the front door also matched that painting, and the bed covering mentioned in the psalms. 

The same number has my date of birth, 13, the gematria value of the Hebrew word for love and the one. 20+13 = 33 and 33 is to do with the sensitivity of wisdom, being sentient beings. The year ends in three, and that is an action number. 2+1+3= 6, the six points of the Star of David.

Let us not forget that this horse knows exactly what to do about the black snake. 

Love beyond measure 


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