Thursday, 6 December 2012


There has been a frenzy of activity by UK politicians to change the law so that if Prince William and Kate have a girl has their first born, that girl can become Queen.

It seems to me that they are 'desperate to hold onto their reality of the British monarchy' and the media is full of it. The traditional establishment are really showing their ‘desperation’ due to their current frenzy. However, has predicted in the biblical prophecies everything will be made anew, and the British monarchy will get swept away! Has the bible predicts the princes cannot meet the high standard.

In their hearts they know that the true first born girl of the LORD God is here and they are doing their utmost to try to stop its impact upon humanity. At the end of the day, the rightful heir to the throne of the LORD God has to be more than a first born girl in physical reality, she has to be the first born, the begotten daughter of the LORD himself. She was born on this land of Joseph in the West, and fulfilled the biblical prophecies about her. Prophet Isaiah referred to me has the 'Joyful Harp' in Isaiah 24. King David also referred to me has the 'harp of faithfulness' that would come at night time e,g. the last days of the end times. 
 Prophet Hosea also predicted that the LORD God would betroth his people to him with his faithfulness and righteousness. That he would plant her in Jezreel, he did that in May 2006. 
Trust me, the NWO and its establishment is beaten, the political and media frenzy over the British monarchy confirms it. Today, is the 'day of extraction' and the the British monarchy will be extracted like taking out the teeth of a Lion that rips the people apart. Has we know the teeth relate to the organs and the organs of the Church of England are diseased. Why is that? The olives from the Church of England, did not have the solutions to help humanity to make the breakthroughs. Why? They supported the British monarchy, they held up and supported the British establishment that keeps poverty in place. An establishment that helped the rich get richer on the backs of the poor. Well those that know, are not up for it anymore. Do you remember what happened to the native Canadian children? Did Wills and Kate go to their graves when they were on their joyride in Canada? 

May Kate see this picture of this child and ponder upon it while she is receiving the very best medical care in a London hospital.  Does every other pregnant mother receive private medical treatment? No, so where is the equality in this nation? Those that support such inequality will be burnt down with the rest of the olive tree. Did Jesus Christ support such inequality that the British monarchy and its establishment keeps in place? Certainly not!

So they can change the man-made laws has much as they like, it will make no difference to the LORD our God. To those reading this I recommend you read Isaiah 24, so that you come to understand the reason why the nations are being plundered in this timeline. The reason why there are so many environmental disasters. Prophet Isaiah mentions the 'guilt of the rebellion' and it is a rebellion against the will of the LORD God, and his teacher of righteousness. He also tells you that they broke the covenant. However, they could not break the righteous one that delivered it. Although they tried very hard to do so. At the end of the day, they could not break the Spirit of the LORD.  By the way, I have no use for a British throne, my throne is heavenly, in the same way has my crown is as well. That is why only the heavenly and the blessed have seen and can see me. Only the blessed have been blessed to witness the miracles that have taken place. So seek within Kate while you lay on the bed, see if you can find the root cause of your 'morning sickness', see if you can heal yourself. For surely it is a sign for the world, that Kate is in hospital during a perfectly natural initiation of life. A sure sign of what the monarchy co-creates due to the inter-breeding of its bloodline; of which, Kate did not escape! Sincerely, I wish Kate and the baby well. However, that does not mean that I shall not call out the institution of which she  is now a part. When a person marries into the British monarchy, being called out of it comes with the job. Hence, I have the utmost admiration for Princess Diana who did have the courage and tenacity to call out the British monarchy for what they did and do, and we all know what they did to her, and the price that she paid for doing so. The cost was very high indeed, and history will not bury the truth of what happened to her, and nor shall I. 

So has you can see the joyful harp was only silenced for a little while; and I must admit I did enjoy the rest from the internet during the summer months of 2012. So is the British monarchy being given a warning from the LORD our God with the hospitalization of Kate? That must be obvious to everyone that knows! Has we know if they do not teshuvah to the sacred after the first warning, the warnings become a lot more serious until the people do get the point of the warning that was given.

Do you honestly think that the LORD God is going to stand by and watch them exalt William, Kate and their baby above his righteous one? Just watch the divine plan unfold before your very eyes.
Righteousness beyond measure 


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Eliakim said...

It is with sadness that I write this post. I have only just seen the news about the nurse that has died. Apparently Kate left hospital yesterday and the 6th of December was the 'Day of Extraction'. So Kate was extracted from hospital has mentioned. At 9.25, on the 7th of December, the Daily Mail report that a nurse was found dead and the police are saying that it is a 'suicide'.

The 7th of December was the 'Day of Idoisyncrasy'.

The Daily Mail offer two photographs of the location where they say the body was found, and the pictures do not match.

May the dear nurse rest in peace and her family be comforted at this time. This is very serious indeed, and I can understand why I have been feeling like I have in recent days.

This does not bode well for the British monarchy.

The BBC's Nicholas Witchell said it had been suggested to him that she had felt "very lonely and confused" as a result of what had happened.

When Kate left hospital on the 6th she was wearing a powder blue scarf and carrying yellow roses. The color that is for joy and friendship with the words 'I care'.