Monday, 28 November 2011


Well we had the post on Jerusalem's sins, [1] tears in heaven over the weekend, [2] then the LORD said HADDA [3] earlier this night after the whale post. [4]

Now the news is that Lebanon is firing at North Western Israel. The 4 rockets have destroyed two buildings in the Galilee, while the people of Israel were sleeping. Israel is firing back on Lebanon, thank goodness there is no injuries. [5][6]

There was a Saad Haddad who was the founder of the head of the Southern Lebanon Army and it appears that he was Christian and died of cancer. [7] As we know Hezbollah took over Southern Lebanon.

There is also a place called Hadda in Israel near the Galilee. See the map and the place names close by. [8]. If you read the previous post on Hadda you would have also seen that we wrote about the purification and water. On the 22nd of May 2006, we blessed the waters of the Galilee. So this surely is a reminder to the Israeli's that the LORD is still waiting for them to do his will.

The whale post is also a reminder to the Israeli's about the whale that turned up in Israel in 2010. The sign of Jonah and the judgement that was predicted in the book of Matthew. The prophecies about the Queen of the South have been shared with them, along with the other prophecies that relate to this reality. If the people of Israel choose to ignore the prophecies that help to shorten the last days of the end times, then it is upon Israel to take responsibility for their co-creation and that which they bring upon themselves.

This comes right after the LOYALTY partial solar eclipse that was called the 'Black Eclipse' and 'Sinister Eclipse' by the American astrologers. In other words without loyalty to the LORD and his instructions, look what happens yet again. The last war with Lebanon was in the summer of 2006 and the prophecies warned Israel what would happen if they don't take this reality to their heart. They were told the war would war would come, and if they still didn't take it to their hearts then the fire would come. The fire arrived at Jewish New Year, 2010.

We also had the sign of the Red skies and that is to do with storms. [9] Of course storms can come in different ways. It isn't always to do with the weather. Hence, why Lovingkindness calmed the storms of the emotions of the people; due to its impact on the weather and the rest of the cosmos.

All we can do now is pray that Israel get the message. Also send loving energy to the Lebanese to stop firing on Israel.



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