Saturday, 5 November 2011


On the 3rd of November the LORD said 'The Bales Shift'. [1]The 5th of November was also the day of the kings gateway opening. Some of the best news today was that a million people in the USA have moved their bank accounts out of the big banks into the smaller ones.

However, this is the best news today and it really made me smile. The headline is "LOTUS DROPS CAR BOMB ON US DRUG WAR".

Lotus Cars UK, from England, UK, launched the LOTUS ECO ELISE car that is made completely in England. Not only is it made in England, it is also made from hemp grown in Norfolk, yes, HEMP.

Johnny Punish wrote that following: "Young corporate leadership in England gives fake US War on Drugs the Classic "Piss off You Wankers".  Lotus Cars UK have gone for a different type of 'green' by announcing an 'ECO ELISE', made largely out of hemp.

The theory behind this radical new approach is that Lotus feels too much “green” car technology is simply concentrating on CO2 emissions at the tailpipe, where the manufacturing processes and materials in many cars are just as environmentally damaging.

To that end, the company is presenting a more holistic environmental focus giving the unintentional yet well deserved one-finger-up salute to the U.S. Federal Government and their half a century old fake war on drugs.

The Lotus car will be efficient as well as quick due to its light weight and advanced engine technology, but the company has gone further by using completely renewable materials like hemp body panels, eco wool and sisal carpets, cleaner manufacturing technologies, water-based paints and locally-sourced components that reduce the carbon miles inherent in the manufacturing process. [1]
This is the future and it’s now!
The car featured in the above picture appears to have been replaced by the third version of the Lotus Elise on show in Paris in 2010. 

For the rest of the Johnny's great article please read the link. [2]
However, this is a picture direct from the Lotus Engineering website. [4]

Lotus Cars, in Norfolk, have always been a relatively small car manufacturer, and they have been known to have orders for cars for up to 12 years in advance. Hence, why their financial stability as always been guaranteed, due to their ability to forward plan based upon the orders received. The Lotus Eco Elise is bound to be very popular internationally, even if people have to wait for delivery. 
For the English, home grown, organic of course. However, reviewing their profile, there have been a lot of changes since I visited the plant a couple of decades ago. They have certainly branched out with international partnerships. I am sure that they are aware that people are hoping for cars that do not require petrol, and racing cars will certainly become a thing of the past in the future. The more that people move the energy of their hearts into essentials, the less boy racers there will be. 
The LORD works in the most wonderful ways! No surprise then that this is the 888th post this year.



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