Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Greek Workers 24 Hour Strike

Uploaded by RussiaToday on Oct 5, 2011. 

"Police have fired tear gas at protestors gathered outside the Greek Parliament building. The country has ground to a halt, with workers walking out of jobs in a 24-hour public sector strike, angry at the government's policy of cuts. 

All flights in and out of Greek airports are grounded, while hospitals are relying on emergency staff. RT's Sara Firth reports from Athens. Also, RT talks to Nick Skrekas, who's an economic analyst and international lawyer." 

Station workers are doing their best to defend the protestors. What happened to the Greek military that were going to stand with the people? Did they get bought off? Well it doesn't look like there is anymore bail outs coming for Greece, as such the military will not get their wages, so then what will they do? Will the military take their country back then? 

The Greeks are fully aware of what the international financial community did to Greece and they know that Goldman Sachs set them up for the fall. As you know, the LORD God is not happy with Goldman Sachs or the bankers. The question is what is the heavenly Father going to do about it now, will he help the people if they simply refuse to do his will? You know the response to that in your hearts. 

When Greece entered the EU and the EURO, Europeans were still getting good value for the pound. As soon the money markets pushed up the euro against sterling and other currencies, then Europeans stopped traveling to Greece. As such, tourism, on which Greece depends decreased by 50% and that was even before the Goldman Sachs fiasco. 

When I was in Greece, one businessman told me that instead of people taking a two week holiday in Greece, now people can only afford a week due to the strength of the euro. He said his business and income had reduced by 50%, and he did not know what the future would bring. At that time he was considering selling his business on a main square, ( a business that he had run for most of his life)  and moving to England, to be with his daughter. He had married an English wife. 

Also while I was there large hotels stood empty and the taxi drivers were on strike. So who stands to gain from the destruction of Greece and its tourism? Turkey is making claims to the Islands, China is taking over as much of it as it can, the Chinese and containers are everywhere,  and Arab nations are planning to build ports. Goldman Sachs as been a major instigator of destroying a beautiful culture. However, the corruption in Greece, and especially in Athens cannot be denied and Greeks are the first to inform you about the elite of Athens that have homes in many nations. 

An American Greek told me that history shows that every time this kind of thing happens, the Greek elite do a runner until its all over, then they return. However, in the past it as been about civil unrest due to internal factors, this is very different. This is other nations involved in the dismantling of a whole nation. The LORD God said 'IMF',  The International Monetary Fund. Judgement is now upon you. 


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