Monday, 3 October 2011

Global Occupation Global Protest

As I have been saying for some time, the truth movement is global and strong. Occupation is not only spreading throughout the cities in the USA, there are further protests with 10,000 in Yemen. 30,000 are marching in Manchester, UK. The UK protestors are also planning a national strike on the 30th of November if the government does not meet the demands of the people. Then it looks like a National Strike is the order of the day from the public sector workers.

There are also reports from New York that it is also kicking off in Portugal and that Athens is about to explode. There as been some feedback from an American forum that people are being banned from talking about the revolution in the USA.

As we predicted, it is in this timeline when you will see the difference between the righteous and the wicked. Those that ban any communication about this global uprising, are surely in the bankers pockets.

Remember your human rights and freedom of speech. UN declaration, article 19. Those that do not allow you freedom of speech about what is happening around the world. are actually in contravention of UN law.

Although with the UN supporting people like Obama etc, the credibility of the UN is seriously under question.

At this point in time, I do not feel it matters who is behind the protests, what matters is that people are taking to the streets, and that will help to wake other people up. Its global, its strong, and nothing can stop it now.

So best those bankers get on their space ships and leave the planet, because we are not going away. The people will keep the pressure on until the wars stop, and the bankers go into retirement. We told you that their days were numbered, and that there was a pecking order to the divine plan. All the money changers will surrender before this is over. They will be running for their lives; and there will be nowhere for them to run to; because people in every country will seek them out. Everyone will know their names and we all know the names of Obama and Cameron.

We warned you all well in advance of what would come to be; if the people refused to do the will of the LORD God.


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