Wednesday, 5 October 2011


A friend as let me know that the Katla volcano in Iceland is rumbling. Apparently, Katla means 'Kettle', and the Kettle is definitely boiling. Iceland is not a safe country to live in, especially as we get closer to the ice caps melting. Please let the people of Iceland know that it is best to move, and to let the LORD God guide you to where you will be safe.

There is time to move, stay away from Ash mountains. Imperative that the people live ecologically and self-sustainably. Growing your own food, due to what it coming to be.

By the 19th of September there had been 7,200 earthquakes in the

Yesterday there was also a 4.8 in Romania. 48 is also the simple gematria value of Iceland and a lot more.

48 is the value of greatness, majesty, star, I will open.


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