Monday, 3 October 2011


It was way back in 2008, that the LORD God first mentioned 'Goldman Sachs'. Prior to us starting this blog. So I now ask the LORD with all my heart, to support the people against Goldman Sachs and their plans.

I ask you heavenly Father, you know about Goldman Sachs and what they are doing, please LORD it must be time, to put a stop to them completely.

Will you allow me to intercede for the people on Goldman Sachs, will you allow judgment to be upon them due to them impacting on the world in the way that they are?

Heavenly Father, I ask for your mercy for the people. Please help us to help them. Get rid of Goldman Sachs heavenly Father, do not allow these people and traders to continue doing what they are doing.

Help them LORD to find their conscience and to change their ways.

Show them dear LORD that 'Goldman Sachs' does not run the world, and that you will make your move against them.

No more Goldman Sachs, no more traders, no more, enough heavenly Father.


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