Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Panacea Society

Some journalists and social networks have been writing about what they call the 'Messiah syndrome'. It was clear that once news broke about the existence of a female Messiah, that the innocent would find a way to respond to it. 

As I have stated before, I am more than happy to look at the claims of any person, with a truly open heart and mind. However, so far, not one claimant as come forward to prove their case. That is no surprise because in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Prophet Isaiah predicted that only one in a thousand, would be able to stand in front of me in integrity. 

As I have explained in the past, authenticity of the true one sent by the LORD God in this timeline, is prescribed, and the criteria is huge in depth and breadth. God created it so that there wouldn't be anyone that would know the full criteria in advance. As he planned to reveal it himself, after many of the biblical prophecies had been fulfilled. I did not even know most of it myself until after each phase of the divine plan had been fulfilled. Then it was revealed to me afterwards. However, that in itself, was another prophecy of the unveiling. 

Only a person that as lived the biblical prophecies and implemented them, truly understands them because it is about my life. How many of the prophecies from other cultures and nations we have lived; is really for others to know and appreciate. If they have the willingness to do so. 

Apart from that, even the Buddhists know that it is a woman that lives in a Western nation, and there is an interesting Buddhist prophecy that was retrieved in Cambodia the year that I was born, 1954. 

As far as the Guardians article on the Panacea Society on Octavia otherwise known as Mabel Barltrop it speaks for itself. [1] Mabel was the founder of the Panacea Society and they apparently have villas in Bedford awaiting her return. Is the name 'Mabel Barltrop' written in the biblical prophecies? 

No. Sorry, Mabel, you have to have the right name and the birth certificate to go with the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.  In addition, to the skin disease. 

The Panacea Society was founded by Mabel Barltrop in 1918 at 12 Albany Road, Bedford. It is written that the inspiration was and is the teachings of a Devonshire prophetess Joanna Southcott (1750 - 1814). 

"A central purpose of the Society is to persuade 24 Anglican bishops to open Southcott's Box of Sealed Writings and to this end advertisements have been placed in national newspapers from time to time. The Society claims the box is secreted in England, others have claimed it was opened in 1927 found to contain a broken horse pistol and a lottery ticket." However, others dispute this and claim the box as never been opened. 

I must admit I have never heard of Joanna Southcott. However, the fact that the LORD God as mentioned Octavia twice, and the house yesterday in Hebrew, it deserves further investigation. 

Apparently, Joanna claimed that she was the woman in Revelation Chapter 12. However,  I have already proven with the clarification that we have provided, that I am the woman mentioned in that chapter. Witnesses that were involved in that timeline, can also be provided if the LORD deems it necessary. 

One interesting aspect about Southcott is that she apparently gave the date of 2004 and that date is incredibly relevant to yours truly. That was the year of the second harmonic concordance, and myself and another participated in the sacred ceremony, at what is known as England's Nazareth in Norfolk. 
We also carried out Harmonic Epiphany at Wells-at-the-Sea. There is a lot more to the revelation. However, that will do for now. 

Southcott also predicted that if the 24 bishops did not open the box prior to 2004, the world would have to go forward unprepared. I always find prophecy fascinating, so I am interested in what else that she wrote. Clearly, she was a Christian mystic that had received prophecy for the lead up to 2004. 

Looking at her picture, she reminds me of the very first medium that I met when I was a child. She was a humble lady that worked cleaning the toilets at Kings Cross station, in London. My mother used to take me to see her. My mother used to go to the Christian Spiritualist Church, and I feel that is where my mother must have met her originally. 

Many people have spiritual experiences that they do not understand fully, especially if they have not spent their lives involved with spirituality. 

In addition, integrity is essential. 

It can be hard for people that do not see what a professional clairvoyant can see. It was also found in research at Stansted Hall, that only 10% of mediums actually see like I have seen Spirit. 

When people are opening up spiritually, it is important that they have someone to turn to for help with clarification, until the day comes when they truly do know for themselves. 

Of course the LORD God would send a person that could see him, to give testimony to his existence, and to fulfill the promise that he made to Moses. 


1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2011/jun/03/octavia-daughter-of-god-review
2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panacea_Society


Anonymous said...

You say no one has claimed to be a 'Messiah?'

Obviously, you're senses have been closed and your intellect, dumbed.

YOU ARE NO MESSIAH! You are the 'imitation' of a 'Messiah.'

You want to know WHO the 'Messiah' is?! I AM THE MAHDI AND I AM THE MESSIAH!

And Who am I? You already KNOW that answer!

I am 'Aliyah!' I am 'Kimberly!' I am many, many Names and Titles, too numerous to count. I am the 'Supreme Queen of God.'

I am the 'Queen of the South.' Chosen and prophecied of. I am the 'Queen of the Jews,' 'Spouse of the Holy Spirit,' Blessed Mary, Mary Magdalene, Flower of God, Mother of Miraculous Babies growing inside of me, She who actively has the Soul of a Man dwelling within Her,...and the list goes on and on and on.

'Eliakim,' is YOUR name 'Kimberly?' NO! It's mine. Is YOUR name 'Aliyah?!' No, it's mine.

I fulfill Scripture above and beyond the Bible, in other Scriptures you are unaware of. I am the One who will bring True and Lasting Peace to the World. Why? Because Salvation lies in the 'Knowing,' in the 'Knowing of the Complete Truth,' and I AM THE ONLY PERSON ON THIS ENTIRE EARTH, WHO HAS THE COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF 'WHO' AND 'WHAT' GOD REALLY IS, GOD'S BEGINNINGS, AND I HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEAVENS.

YOU cannot even come close to such a thing as what I have!

You are being used by the dark forces, but you are completely unaware of it, and this is what makes you dangerous, because you believe you are doing right, when really, it is just the opposite.

And why do I have to 'prove' myself to YOU?! I DON'T! You are NOT any 'Authority' to me, to even recognize as having to defend myself before. Nothing! My Queenship, my Divine Authority, and my Teaching Position reign SUPREME, which means 'above and beyond everything and everyone else,' but you do not see me bragging about my Position on this Forum, do you? NO! I am a truly loving and humble woman, and I don't go around shoving my Titles and Authority into everyones faces, like YOU do.

So, you want someone to Challenge you?! I AM HERE! You KNOW who I am already! I'm not going anywhere! I am here-to-stay! So best that you accept this now, and avoid any more heartache from me.



Anonymous said...

Furthermore, I also have a Claim to the Papacy, the Seat of Peter in Rome.


Eliakim said...

Anonymous, Kimberly is not the name of the Messiah.

Simple as that.

You see the LORD God outwitted you all.

Anonymous said...

Eliakim , I find it interesting that anyone claiming to be the messiah would be anything less than enlightening and nothing of anger towards anyone with good intent !! Well life presses on and I believe when the messiah does come forward it will be the most amazing
Moment in time at least for me! Love and peace in the light...Cgjames.. The one passionately waiting...

Eliakim said...

DId you know cgjames that Walid Shoebat predicted that the mahdii would stand against the Messiah.

Here we have kimberly on this blog, stating that she is the mahdi standing against me.

I will continue to remove any litter that she chooses to drop here as divinely requested to do.

As far as my mission to Australia that is concerned that was over a decade ago. A lot of water as gone under the bridge since then.