Monday, 3 October 2011

Cameron its our land

At the Tory Conference in Manchester Cameron is still planning to sell off public land to fund the governments plans.

Thatcher sold the family silver, Brown sold the family gold, now Cameron plans to sell the grass under the feet of the people, that belongs to the people not the government.

Its not yours to sell Mr Cameron, nor is it the governments to sell to property developers who then make vast profits from the commercialization of the land.

He also plans to further the 'right to buy', Thatcher philosophy selling off more housing stocks to fill the government coffers to fund creating jobs. Well that is a double whammy isn't it. Sell what social housing there is left; to ensure that the people are ever locked into mortgages and the bankers. Then sell off the public lands to property developers to build homes because there is a shortage of them. They must think that we were all born yesterday.

He plans to sell off 2 million council homes, and build 200,000, thats good maths isn't it. LOL So in effect, social housing stock will be reduced by 1.8 million. I dread to think at how much that will put into the bankers pockets if Cameron gets his way. You do not know that legally the councils have to replace all heating systems and kitchens every 20 years. That in itself should keep the builders busy, working on 2 million homes. However, the government is trying to save the councils money by not having to spend that money on their housing stocks. So what will the councils do with the money they save from not having to refurbish? It will fund their health quangos that they have inherited from the national health trusts. The councils and their administrators are now responsible for the good health of the community.

Cameron's policy is to give money to the house builders, property developers, mortgage brokers and bankers. [1] Based upon his philosophy that will create jobs. No way. The existing builders in the industry have already suffered due to EU and foreign immigration, at the absolute minimum it would give back a few people the jobs that they once had. It certainly will not create new jobs.

Also the existing building industry is neither ecological or self-sustainable. Why is that? There are no state funded college training courses for eco-living that is self-sustainable and off the grid. The eco-building training courses are simply not available, because Gordon Brown and the colleges did not invest in it.

So the status quo remains with a stalemate Cameron, or should I say

checkmate! Cameron is certainly writing out the checks for his mates.




Anonymous said...

'Checkmate' to those who 'think' they lead the situation, but they don't.

Many surprises on the way...

And I love to play 'Chess'...


Eliakim said...

I don't play chess. I leave that to the politicians.

The only board game I touch is the 'Transformation Game'.

The LORD God leads the situation with his Messiah.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yet another suprise...

The Mahdi leads, with HIS Messiah...


Eliakim said...

As I have told you before, all those that stand with Obama are not written in the lambs book of life. They will reach their end as the LORD God predicted.

The LORD God will prove his word is true.

Anonymous said...

There is much you do not understand. I am my own Living Book. My Divine Authority has NO END. Your God has no Dominion over me. Your 'God' ISN'T my 'God.' Totally different. I have a TRUTH that you do not know. You choose your 'God,' and I choose mine.

Nothing in common...

Eliakim said...

As we have told you before go on your way.

And just like ELIJAH and Jezebel history will prove who is right.

By the way Jezebel USA is now dead.