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In the 'FIRE IS COMING DOWN' post we shared that the LORD God was talking about the 'DEBRIS'. Over the weekend, I have also seen people that could not breathe, people were having panic attacks, and a lot of people under rubble. It looked like a very large event.

However, I feel that this one is just another warning.

Today, there is news that there as been an explosion in the UK. One eyewitness to the explosion said 'I heard a great explosion and thought, what on earth was that? Then I looked out of the window and there was all this debris coming down in the sky.".

The explosion at the Lingfield industrial factory was heard by people at the nearby London England Temple, and eight people have been injured in the explosion.

Eight is the gematria value of the CHET and that links into the CHET visions received in March 2009.

This is the third explosion in recent weeks. There was the house in London, Buenos Aires and now this industrial site near the M23.

First the LORD God said 'Debris', then the word is mentioned by a witness to another explosion, now see what you can find on the name Debris. There is a marine debris website in the USA, and this morning an American posted a video of a 'blue surf' and it looked electrifying.

Debris flows, defensive structures, British Columbia. [4]

Debris to do with spacecraft, in low orbit close to the earth, nato. Now check out this link because it mentions its to do with LEO, and Obama is a Leo the Leopard mentioned by Daniel and in Rev 13. [5]


Now Heidi informs us that there as been an explosion at a major chemical plant in Texas, USA.

"A massive fire is burning at Magnablend chemical plant in Waxahachie. The company has three facilities in Waxahachie and the fire is at the Central Facility at 1601 state Highway 287 Bypass just east of Interstate 35E. According to their website, the chemical company has 80,000 gallons of bulk liquid storage at the facility. The fire is very intense and moving beyond the property and into an adjacent field toward the Ellis County campus of Navarro College. [6]

What does the name ELLIS mean? 

It is another spelling of ELIAS, e.g ELIJAH. 

In Wales it is derived from an old Welsh name, Elisud that comes from ELUS and it means kind. Elus can also be found in French and it is part of the word 'Elusive' and that means it is difficult to define and understand. Elu also means 'elected representative'. Peuple Elu in French means 'Chosen people'. Apparently ELU in French can mean 'Chosen' or 'Elect'. 

Good play on letters there with EL U....

So what as been going on in Texas that it should receive judgement again? 

More executions, more murder by American officials. A retired sheriff said 'That's kind of cruel, but thats reality'. In the biblical prophecies it stated that those that give no mercy, will receive no mercy. Just because the criminals showed no mercy, is that a good enough reason for government officials to act in the same way as the criminals? Does that not make police sheriff's criminals as well? How did America become a nation that embraces cruelty instead of mercy? When did it stop living by the commandments of the LORD God, 'You shall not murder'. "You shall not pollute the land with bloodshed'. 

The name Ellis is important, it is the name of the last woman that was executed in the UK. Her name was Ruth Ellis and she was the last person to receive capital punishment. Executions stopped in the UK the year after my birth in 1955. It is a well known fact, the Ruth Ellis case was what is known in France as a 'crime of passion'. When Ruth was finally buried, her headstone was given the name 'Ruth Hornby' and her son destroyed it prior to his own death. 

At the time there was uproar over the case in the UK, and a newspaper journalist wrote: "The one thing that brings stature and dignity to mankind, and raises us above the beasts will have been denied her—pity and the hope of ultimate redemption."

The fact of the matter is that it isn't only the person that is executed that suffers in these circumstances, just as the last execution case proved. Her husband hanged himself in 1958. It is written that the trial Judge that sentenced her paid for the upkeep of her ten year old son, until he committed suicide in 1982. The prosecution paid for his funeral. Her daughter who was age three at the time of her execution, was adopted and died of cancer at the age of 50. 

So America, as you can see, it was not just one life murdered by the justice system of the UK at that time, it was four lives that were murdered due to the cruelty of the system and its supporters. 

America no more executions of anyone, no more cruelty, can you heal it? I remember when an American Christian apologized for what he called his cruelty towards me. Those words came out of his mouth. 

How can any Christian have the audacity to stand against a holy one and even say that? Where is his shame for what he had done and allowed others to do? 

Is sorry enough for the LORD God? No. He asks that the people change their ways. Teshuvah. 

You can find it on both sides of the political divide as well. It as been proven today by Adam Kokesh that Obama supporters are supporting what he called a 'violent regime of cruelty in the name of ideology'. 

One Obama supporter in the UK supports Obama and the Palestinians because he considers the Israeli's to be more violent then the Palestinians. That supporter as suppressed truth about Obama since 2008, all information about him was censored. I never thought I would see the day, when a person that I had met at a Spirit Aid charity event, would stand in the way of the truth reaching the world. 

Is that justice? Does that make it right? Israel like every other nation do have the right to exist, and to defend that right to exist. Anyone that does not agree with that will have to face the consequences in this timeline. 

Maybe when the people accept Mercy and loving kindness into their lives, the LORD God will be merciful with humanity and not turn his back on the unmerciful. Those that act like a beast, will die like a beast, its all part of the law of attraction, until the day comes when mercy steps in and says NO! 

How can the people learn to be merciful, if they show none to each other? 


Mercy beyond measure humanity, mercy beyond measure. 










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