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This morning the LORD God was talking about the 'BEIT' and he said 'You have the Beit'.

The Jewish sages state that this means 'God's dwelling place'. They also states that the passions of the tzadikim are only good, and at this level one cannot ask why. As expressed by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi: "About passion, there can be no question" As God is the essence of good so His passion is "only good". [1]

It is also to do with divine blessing and that the domain of the King (As the 'Head of the House') extends to encompass all reality and, thereby, bestow true happiness to all. The sages also state that in its form it is on the Northern side and the North is the sacred direction of healing. Ginsberg also states that the Mashiach would close the open side, the integration of free will and omniscience. Some might say that we have already done that in the previous decades.

The Beit is also the gematria value of two, and two is the value of the lovers, the lover and beloved. The sacred union with the divine, it encompasses both male and female aspects that really are aligned as one.
We were teaching alignment many years ago.

Messiah Joseph is described as the prism effect in mystical Judaism, and the revelation that it brings to humanity. The name Havayah and Elokim, the two aspects of the one. Havayah is the divine and righteous love and Elokim is the judgement that delivers it as ordained to do. For the benefit of the nations and social justice. Two different names, two different aspects of the LORD God.

Another analogy would be that it is like the bit in the horse of the mouth that ensures that the head of the horse turns in the right way, and goes in the right direction to fulfill the divine plan. So we are on track with the housing issues, the requirement for ecological self-sustainable communities and housing that are off the grid.

It is written that in Arabic, it corresponds to a line, a bit is also in the shape of a line. However, it is described as 'one foot' that is called the 'tent pole' and another the 'tent peg'. Just like the Beduins, and the Native Indians, the homes of the Hebrews were tents that they could move with the times and the seasons. Just like the foot can walk into a particular direction, the right foot is the spiritual foot.

The biblical prophecies also speak of the 'tent peg' and as we shared previously, they were burnished bronze because they are very strong.

Prophet Zechariah made a prediction that included the cornerstone, the tent peg and battle bow that would come from Judah and Judah means praise. We praised the LORD God with our Sonnets as he asked for us to do. Zechariah predicted that we will trample down the enemy into the mud of the streets. They will fight because they know that the LORD is with them, and they will put the enemy horsemen to shame.

He tells the people that he will strengthen Judah and save the tribes of JOSEPH. Who are my tribes? In my heart, they are the Indigenous peoples.

The prophecy continues, I will restore them because I have compassion for them. The hearts of the Christians will also become glad as with wine; and the wine is to do with their prophet. Why is that? They know that I was baptized in the Son and was found in the Galilee of the Gentiles, exactly as the prophecies predicted.

I will signal them and gather them in. We certainly did.

Surely, I will redeem them. They will be as numerous as before. Though I scatter them among the peoples, yet in distant lands they will remember me. They and their children will survive, and they will return.

He predicted that he would bring down the pride of Iraq and remove the scepter from Egypt. Both Islamic countries. I will strengthen them in the name of the LORD and in his name they will live securely, declares the LORD. Zechariah Chapter 10.

In the ancient pictographs it was a picture of a tent plan and we do have the plan.

You can see the 'One Foot' in the ancient structures of Jordan, the birth name of my son. In this reality the tent is also the court of justice where judgement is given, as it was ordained by the LORD God himself. There is no shame in living in a tent in nature, like the Native Americans, Beduins and desert Hebrews. It is a time of getting back to nature and for the people to be connected with the sacred planet on which they live.

When I was a child, I spent at least 40% of my time in a caravan in the country, I simply loved being at one with the source of creation. Our parents did their utmost to provide their children, with a foundation for life that was as natural as possible.

We lived amongst the fruit orchards, where one could climb a tree and pick some fruit, we could see the hops on the vine. Go to the strawberry fields, and live close to the river bank where the fishermen could be seen everyday. The barges and boats would drift by, and the children waved to them.

Pony rides, fetes, with homemade cakes and jam, let's not forget the ice cream. The last 32 years I have also lived in the countryside. Country life is natural to me, where peace of mind and healing the heart was enabled.

There was a Beit Trust set up by an Alfred Beit for the benefit of the people in Rhodesia and Michael M. Mauldin was also born in Rhodesia. In 1954, the year of my birth, the Trust was reconstituted by an Act of Parliament in the UK as an incorporated charity. [1]

There was a plan to set up a charity, via a trust fund for the building of the holy city of enlightenment as the LORD God requested. The duty was given to a charitable man, and we're still waiting for him to fulfill his agreement that he made to the LORD God.

The foundation of divine love as been laid.


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