Wednesday, 5 October 2011


While I was writing the Greek post, the LORD God said 'IMF' that means he is not happy with you and that judgement is now upon you.

The IMF stands for International Monetary Fund.

The World Bank and the IMF.

Decimating one country after another.

You have already been commanded to cancel all 3rd world debt, we will not tell you again. However, now you shall cancel interest on all debts, in fact, you will cancel all debt period. If the IMF lend money to poor countries at top rates then they have to take responsibility for the defaults. Its their loss because they should not have become gamblers and money lenders in the first place.

So everyone, do not give the IMF a single penny, pound or dollar. They cannot take what is not theirs to take, the land does not belong to governments, as such it is not theirs to sell on behalf of the people.

The land belongs to the people given by the LORD God, for the people to feed themselves.


Members of the IMF, if you do not take heed of these words and act upon them immediately, then the fire will come down upon you.

This is your final warning.


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