Monday, 3 October 2011

MANSA - King of Kings

In the past the LORD God called me his MANSA and when I looked at its meaning it can be found in Africa, it is a girls name for the third girl. Mansa was also defined as the 'King of Kings' in ancient times.
Many people have been called 'King of Kings'. However, few have been called mansa that means the same.

It is written that in 2008, Moammar Gadhafi claimed to be King of Kings after a gathering of tribal leaders granted him the title. More than 200 African kings and traditional rulers bestowed the title during a meeting in Libya.

In Buddhism, the title is compared to the Emperor, although the status of Buddha was considered to be higher than any secular position, he was also known as the King of the Dharma. One could also say the same of Jesus Christ, he was far beyond the name 'King of Kings' and Lord of Lords' in my humble view and experience. However, it was also a term used for 'Sons of God' in ancient times. So one could say it certainly did exist on the African continent.

The first mention of the term in Christian bible arrives in the NT, in the book of Timothy. It mentions the 'believing masters' and the godly teaching. 'godliness with contentment is great gain'. So it is talking about a state of being.

In the book of Revelation chapter 17, it is the lamb that triumphs over the supporters of the beast. Leo the Leopard from Africa, Obama and his supporters are mentioned in Rev 13. It tells the Obama supporters that their names are not written in the lambs book of life, and that they will reach their end together. It was wisdom that was called to do the count of the 3rd beast. Nostradamus also predicted that two leaders would be friends at the height of the new lands power, 3rd and 4th beast mentioned in Rev 13?

Rev 17, also states that the lamb as called, chosen, faithful followers. The lamb is also symbolic of the tender hearted soul. It as been made known, that it is known that the lamb is here, it has been unveiled, just like Obama as been revealed.

In Judaism and Hebrew, King of Kings is Melech Ha-M'lachim. No surprise to find the latin word CHIM at the end of it, because CHIM is my name in Latin. 

May glory be for the LORD God and in his name, may the dark forces be defeated completely, once and for all. So that the children can be given equality, and move beyond earthly realties of materialism. To benefit this planet and its people. 

Last night I was asked the name of the LORD God, and in 2008, he said to me 'Tell them when you were born". My birthdate was 13th of February, 13 x 2 = 26 and that is the gematria value of the name of God. He really does exist and crowned his Queen a King after her return from the Babylon, USA. Micah 4. 



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