Thursday, 9 July 2009

Following the News...Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

In recent months people have repeatedly brought forth that they have an issue with the word 'Followers".

Just because people follow news on a blog does not make those people followers of the person responsible for the blog. Are you a follower of a journalist if you read the news on a regular basis? Are you a follower of a newscaster if you watch a particular station? Or are you keeping abreast with the news? Some certainly appear to have big issues with this word 'followers". If a person finds this word rearing its head from within them it is showing them it is time to seek within and heal the root causes of the issue. There is no doubt that those that take issue with the word 'follower' have some past life healing to do as well as a situation in this life.

Have a talk with God

How do children learn? They learn from observation from those that lead by example. Why did Jesus ask people to become like children before they could enter the Kingdom of Heaven? He was asking people to return to innocence, to return to the wonder of creation and the unconditional love that a person feels when a baby looks into their eyes.

Do you give people a black look or does love pour out of your eyes like a new born babe? Do you ever ask yourselves 'What would love say now?".

When Jesus was asking people to follow him he was asking them to observe and integrate his ways, his innocence, purity, pure intention from the heart and his unconditional love. His life was the message to humanity. His news was good news for the salvation of humanity, as he said he did not come to judge the world. He came to help the people and defend the spiritual body of humanity. Yet, how his good deeds triggered others beyond measure. Why was that? Their own conscience was being pricked by the point of his sword of truth. However, he did not only speak the truth, he also spoke of love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, charity and most of all healing. The very basic principles and foundation for human life to blossom was his accolade.

Many years ago I wrote that pain and suffering had been my accolade. To suffer in the name of humanity, for the benefit of humanity is beyond measure in what people gain from it. When people learn how to suffer they also learn how not to suffer and this can provide tremendous help to others. Helping and showing others how to eradicate pain, suffering and disease is mighty indeed. Everything in life has meaning when people find the meaning of life. Let us continue to help humanity in the best way that we know how; and in so doing may humanity learn to help and heal the self so that there is no more suffering anywhere in the world.

My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder

This blog is about sharing the academy of the sound of life, experience, divine revelation and all of the news. It is about sharing the last days of the end time together, hand in hand, side by side in the front line. It is to remind people that you are not alone, there is a greater power above, there is divine intervention to help humanity at this time of amazing transition and emotive social evolution.

I will not deny that this blog is to give glory to true teachings of Jesus Christ, our heavenly Father and the sacred union with the divine. I will not deny the divine; our heavenly Father or his Son for anyone because it is a divine mission and my reason for being. I am who I am because God sent me to be who I am, a witness to his word, justice and love. The Messenger of his Covenant.

May those that enjoy the news continue to do so. May those that would like to add their news, views and comments to this blog do so; unhindered and unfettered by outside influences that choose to stand in the way of God.

May truth, justice and integrity always be its hallmark and the zealous love of God be its Key. One dear lady in the USA wrote this about the blog: "Is fantastic!! I have great appreciation for the original lord's prayer!!! There is a very unique, one of a kind, feel to it, a diamond in the rough in this information age."

May the doorways open for those who closed them; and the doors remain shut for those that are not ready to receive the word of God given to his Messenger. Until people can open the doors within, with their own key of life; they are not able to accept the word of God or his instructions in the here and now.

How do people lose the key? When people feel hurt by others a heart can close and many throw the keys to their own hearts away unconsciously. Why do people do this? They are afraid to let anyone else into their heart. It can take a long time before a person comes to the healing process allowing themselves to be divinely led to find the key to their own heart once more. Only when you have the key of your own heart can you then open the many gateways of the heart within yourselves. It is true that the heart has many tongues until people open every doorway within the heart.

May everyone be blessed with the key to their own heart; to ensure that everyone can reach the Kingdom of God.

The Key of the beloved is mighty indeed; and when your beloved is God there is nothing that you cannot achieve because you have the key of life.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

Yes, this blog is yours, in service to God we are serving you the news, revelations and divine guidance as summoned to do so. Being the watchtower for the flock that fly divinely together hand in hand, side by side in the front line.

May God continue to bless it and bring the right people to be served with its ambrosia, in its first six months this blog has been viewed in 67 countries. May those birds that like to eat the seeds that God provides continue to do so with a pure heart and intention. May all be fed with blessings in abundance because this delivery is the will of God in response to the prayers of the people.

This is post 190 in 2009, 190 = Very Beautiful.

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