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This is a wonderful crop circle and there are so many different aspects to it. First let us share a film about Humming Birds and their migration from Mexico to the USA and back again.


"Hummingbird's create sounds from their wing beats and zooming flight and the bird is native of South America. Trinidad and Tobago is known as "The land of the hummingbird," and a hummingbird can be seen on that nation's coat of arms and 1-cent coin as well as its national airline, Caribbean Airlines. The Ohlone tells the story of how Hummingbird brought fire to the world."[1]

Bringing FIRE to the world also ties up with the messages from the other bird crop circles featured on this blog. A flame of love indeed.....

The eco problems will continue until the day comes when people honour God's creation. As God said 'The cosmos is not a one way street". Mother earth responds with her fire to warn the people to wake up because people are refusing to come out of their slumber and walk the path in an upright way. The planet is hotting up in more ways than one and it will be interesting to see what the TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN has in store for us on the 22nd July 2009.

Best not to go into the kitchen if one cannot take the heat and that is why Hummingbird is such a powerful healing totem because they are dauntless. Hummingbirds have knowledge of how to use flowers for healing, nature's natural cures. This includes their fragrance, their colour and herbal qualities. Its important that people receive its message about healing, vibrational medicine and birth. [2] And recently we have been asking people to dig deeper within themselves to find the root causes of the core issues. Hummingbird is offering people a solution of using vibrational medicine to help them to bring to the surface what lies within in a gentle way.

This bird is about NATURAL CURES The beak of the bird is also symbolic, it is long because of it being able to peck deeply. The word peck is also tied up with what God said in the past 'There is a pecking order to the divine plan" and this crop circle does signify more divine intervention.

This small bird is the most skillful of all the flyers. They are dauntless and even chase Eagles away. [2] They revel in freedom and the word freedom is the most popular word with Aquarians = Aquarian Age. If people wish to know more about this bird I recommend Ted Andrews book "Animal Speaks"

Mother hummingbird lays two eggs again symbolic. This could well mean that the first hummingbird hatched and is flying. Good idea to keep watch for the sign of the second humming bird hatching and flying.

They are also Master Architects/Builders and that ties in with Master number 22 and the date of the total solar eclipse coming on the 22nd July 2009. This totem animal brings a powerful message and encourages one to know that you can accomplish what appears to be impossible. [2]. A powerful message for the America's and the indigenous peoples right now. More divine intervention is coming and it is in the realm of the divine feminine because 22 is the number of the vibration of the holy mother. This also ties in with the previous crop circle that we have named the "Semen Rose Crop Circle".

Reported on the 2nd of July, Wiltshire, England.

Image Jack Turner Copyright 2009, Courtesy of Crop Circle Connector. [3]

Interesting that the bird is on the eclipse of two worlds and when I first looked at the above image I saw the sacred geometry of the Vesica Piscis first and it reminded me of our website. The bird had emerged and had spread its wings..a Holy Spirit indeed.

There is no redemption without redemption of the divine child, there is no redemption without redemption of the divine feminine and there is no redemption without redemption of the divine masculine. This crop circle is also showing us that out of the three comes the fourth reality and they are one when people get the whole picture. The circles are also symbolic of cell division from the original egg once it has been fertilised.

These crop circles are trail blazing for others that have the eyes to see and can read the signs, it is to help them make their choices about their future in the here and now. Do people wish for more of the same or are they ready to embrace a new beginning on a truly spiritual level. Are people ready to heal and hear the sound of the Humming Bird?

Are people ready yet to follow the guidance of our heavenly Father? God said "Healing is the get out jail card. Healing is the path to salvation and love is the way".

This is the time when people are being sent into a new reality and that can come in may ways. Are you ready to teach your soul to fly?


Here is a wonderful story by a human rights campaigner.

"Professor Wangari Maathai, the women's rights campaigner, founder of the Green Belt Movement and Nobel Peace Prize winner - the first African woman to have been awarded this accolade. And well deserved this accolade is, she is an amazing woman who inspired and motivated the audience at the Royal Geographical Society. Professor Maathai is a consummate story-teller and throughout her speech I was amazed by the dedication and belief she has in the work she and her organisation are doing, the optimism she displays and the determination which has seen her through many difficult years as a woman's and environmental campaigner in Kenya"

The story of a courageous hummingbird is so right for now.

Are you doing the best that you can do to help humanity?

Are you doing the best that you can to heal the self and in so doing help humanity to heal?

Are you being the best that you can be?

Are you involved in the divine plan and pecking away?

Are you being a humming bird where every little thought, word and deed counts?

1. Wikipedia
2. Ted Andrews "Animal Speak"

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