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Yesterday was a day of miracles and its joy filled my heart. Great news from the family that another rainbow child is arriving and adoption of one neighbour has brought another blessed soul to our door. In giving we receive and sometimes we also find that its divine purpose is about 'resolution' and 'closure'. We will not go into the details here. However, we can say that this total solar eclipse has certainly been as powerful as it was predicted to be.


This morning I saw a vision of the star of david and the crescent moon together and it reminded me of the events of recent days with the Star of David created by the longest solar eclipse this century. We then went shopping and on the way back a rainbow appeared before us and we could see that it was going right over where we live. A rainbow is a good omen and biblically it is to do with the covenant with God. The rainbow is also the personification of the 'IRIS" and the Christian mystic Nostradamus wrote a lot about the Iris in his writings to do with the end times of the end of the age. Nostradamus used the flower essence of the Iris as a natural cure for depression and some of you may remember that last year during the 2007 US election campaign we sent out an article called 'The Age of Iris".

The Children the Hope of the World....

Little Connie Talbot put 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' song back on the map here she sings 'I will always love you".

When we arrived home we discovered that there has been a mighty crop circle today that looks like a snowflake and those of you that read the most recent post are aware that we received a vision of the snowflake yesterday and posted the information on this blog.


There are so many different layers to the message of this crop circle that we will take it one step at a time. We have called it the snowflake crop circle because most people felt this on their first impression. It was found in Wiltshire and was reported on the 24th July 2009.

The image is the copyright of Russell Stannard. Courtesy of Crop Circle Connector. [1]

My first impression of the crop circle when I saw it for the first time this evening is that the fishes have got it covered. All 12 apostles are now back on earth. We are also in the new moon of cancer rising with the compassion of the divine feminine that we mentioned in the 'Rainmaker" article. This crop circle is fascinating bearing in mind the merkaba vision received yesterday and that included the snowflake.

The fish is not only a symbol well known in Christianity it is also one of the eight auspicious signs of Buddhism and is the footprint of the Buddha.

You will notice that the moon faces are looking glum because the fishes appear to have the situation completely sussed because their crown chakra's are completely open. Others recognised that the crop circle is very similar to what is known as the "Helm of Awe". The helm of awe does bring with it many messages. However, this crop circle includes more symbology than the 'Helm of Awe' alone.


Surrounding the middle sphere is a mosiac of 12 different belief systems. Six of the jigsaw pieces have the symbology of the pyramid. Three appear to have the capstone in place and the other three look like temple symbology. From these 12 different cultures/belief systems Islam was created and there are 12 glum faces as a result. Then we see the 12 fishes that have their crown chakra open and by taking off the flesh of the fish they are left with the real bone of it and that which came from the mind of God.

So we have origination/source symbolic of the centre sphere. Then the development/man's co-creation and that which remains from the source that creates the snowflake of purity.

There are three different spheres of symbology in addition to the centre.

12+12+12 = 36 in hebrew gematria = "to be bright, to gleam, to shine."

Yesterday we received a vision of a golden letter dalet. At first I thought it was a lamed but when I checked the letters it was a dalet = the door. We did inform you that there was going to be a golden gateway opening above the sphinx during the solar eclipse that would pave the way for November. November also links in with winter time and the snow.

36 divides by the number of the door = 4. 36 divide by 4 = 12...

12 is also = lost, [2] suppressed and can mean concealed. My view of this is that the information of the first 12 belief systems of the mosiac was suppressed and the next 12 only got what remained and what was known about at that time.

The final 12 know the truth of that which came before and how it all came to be. 12 in numerology is also the number of the 'victim'. "Forewarned is Forearmed" and that links back to the 'Helm of Awe".


In Jewish mysticism the Rabbi sages believe that there are 36 TZADIKIM = Tzadik ("Righteous" person; pl. Tzadikim) born in every generation. [3] They also state that it requires tremendous self sacrifice for a tzadik nistar to reveal himself to the world.

In my view these "Righteous Ones' could come from 36 different cultures and spirituality that will come together and unite as one. In fact, this crop circle could be the beginning of calling them to do so.

What is interesting about the TZADIKIM being RIGHTEOUS is the connection between this crop circle and the visions and message received yesterday regarding the golden Merkaba. Remember the message "The MerKaBa is now spinning in righteousness".

"As a mystical concept, the number 36 is even more intriguing. It is said that at all times there are 36 special people in the world, and that were it not for them, all of them, if even one of them was missing, the world would come to an end. The two Hebrew letters for 36 are the lamed, which is 30, and the vav, which is six. Therefore, these 36 are referred to as the Lamed-Vav Tzadikim. This widely-held belief, this most unusual Jewish concept is based on a Talmudic statement to the effect that in every generation 36 righteous "greet the Shechinah," the Divine Presence (Tractate Sanhedrin 97b; Tractate Sukkah 45b). "


This is from yesterdays snow flake vision posted yesterday on this blog.

"No two snowflakes are the same, each have their own shape and pattern just like human and divine beings. However, the beauty of the snowflake can be seen before it melts to refresh mother earth again. The message of the snowflake is one of uniqueness and that every one has a divine purpose for being. As we know it is only when the snowflakes come together does the snow cover the ground and make everything white. White is also the colour of purity and to purify the earth many snowflakes must come together as one. I am now reviewing the passage from Prophet Ezekiel and we find the sparkling ice e.g. the snowflakes mentioned.

"Spread out above the heads of the living creatures was what looked like an expanse, sparkling like ice, and awesome. Under the expanse their wings were stretched out one toward the other, and each had two wings covering its body. When the creatures moved, I heard the sound of their wings, like the roar of rushing waters, like the voice of the Almighty, like the tumult of an army. When they stood still, they lowered their wings." Ezekiel 1:22-24

The pure ones are known as the Holy Ones and the holy ones are known as the pure ones. They have ascended in righteousness, good works and blessedness. God is pouring out the blessings in abundance to cover the earth with snowflakes. One becomes as white as snow before one becomes gold, after the gold comes the platinium and then a lot more."

Everyone is in for a few culture shocks...This crop circle brings messages of hope and also warning signs.


This is post 26 in July and 26 is the gematria for the name of God. It is post 206 in 2009 and Bill writes that 206 is also 'to shine'.

It certainly is time for the snowflakes to sparkle......

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