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The Secret Birth Place of Jesus

While you were sleeping a great secret was discovered.

There are two Bethlehem's. One is a city in Southern Israel and one is a small village on a hill over looking the stunning Alonei Abba woods. The Jezreel Valley is where King David grew up and his father Jesse owned lands. David did a lot of his early courting in this area from the Sea of Galilee to Mount Carmel.


In 2006, I was called to call a gathering on a Holy Hill in Israel. Many people in Israel hoped that it would be on a hill in Jerusalem. However, Melchizedek who was briefing me and guiding me with the mission kept telling me to go north, go north. I looked from Mount Carmel to the Sea of Galilee for the place before I left for the mission to Israel.

Eventually I found the second Bethlehem, Beit Lehem HaGlilit; literally "the Galilean Bethlehem" and I knew this was the place for the gathering. I was briefed on how to find the Holy Hill and what to look for before I set off for the very first trip to Israel. Great responsibility fell upon my shoulders as there was going to be a major star gate opening at this place on the 13th May 2006. Those that felt called to attend the gathering had an extremely important reason for being there. Each of their names carried an important sequence of harmonics for this special event.

Aviram Oshri , senior archaeologist with the Israel Antiquities Authority worked on the excavations here for eleven years. The site was well known to the Templars and there are many templar buildings that remain in this area. Aviram also found the ramparts of an ancient city as well. Beit Lehem HaGalilit is only a few miles west of Nazareth and some say that the sister of the Holy Mother lived here. It makes a lot more sense that the Holy Mother travelled on a donkey to where her sister lived because it would be impossible for a pregnant woman to travel by donkey to Southern Israel. There used to be an ancient church at this site before Israel destroyed it and replaced it with a road. A few of the mosaics from the floor of this church can be seen on the walls at Tel Aviv airport just before you arrive in the arrival lounge.

A video of the place can be found here.

Why would the gospel writers say that Jesus was born in Southern Israel if he was born in the North in the land of Jesse?

One view would be to fit in with ancient Jewish prophecy. My view is that they wished to keep the true birth place of Jesus a secret to ensure that it remained pure, sacred and untainted by bloodshed and footfall.

The gathering in 2006 was held in the Alonei Abba woods, one of the places where Jesus walked with the Apostles. A comet was exploding for nearly three weeks of the trip. The energy here was amazing, the energy of most of Israel is truly mystical and it really should be protected by UNESCO as an international, historical and spiritual heritage site.


Smart said...


20060513 was the 89th anniversary of the beginning of Fatima (1917). 89 is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4 which is the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August whose ruling planet is the Sun and which corresponds to the Human Heart, etc.

Quite amazingly powerful to be in Israel at such a special time!

ELIAKIM said...

Thank you for sharing Fred.

Yes, it was a very powerful experience. The gathering was held on the 13th May 2006. I do have some photo's to share when I get around to learning how to use the photo section.

Blessings in abundance

ELIAKIM said...

Power of Love