Saturday, 29 May 2010

Biblical Signs All Over the World

First the snow covered most of the world during the winter and spring. Then the hail arrived in Egypt and Islam thought it was a blessing they forget about the hail that was sent against Egypt in the time of Moses. The Locusts arrived in Australia again in April. [1] 
Then we had more snow in Spain in May and the volcanic eruption in Iceland. In the same month the Sign of Jonah e.g. the Whale turns up in Israel exactly as the Christ predicted it would when the Queen of the South came. Then the millions of frogs in Greece that was described by the television media as a biblical plague and now a hail storm like you have never seen it before in Oklahoma....God mentioned Oklahoma last year so I know this timing is important. 
Those that know their bibles know that the snow, hail, locusts and frogs are all biblical signs of the true prophet.

I have seen hail before but nothing like this. 

How much more will it take before humanity will understand?

In English gematria the word hail is the same value as 'Bible', 'Peace', 'Joe' short for Joseph and 'Agape'. [2]





Eliakim said...

Oklahoma Oil Man Boone Pickens Discusses Gulf Coast Oil Spill

OKLAHOMA CITY -- After a visit to Louisiana President Obama says he will triple the manpower in places where oil is already washing up.

Meanwhile, all indications are the top kill procedure is going according to plan. BP is shooting mud into the gushing well at the bottom of the Gulf, but it will be at least Sunday before they know whether it's working. It's a plan oilman T. Boone Pickens says he doesn't have faith in.

Pickens is also defending off-shore drilling saying in spite of the gulf spill off-shore drilling has only had two other spills in 50 years; the Exxon Valdez and the spill at Santa Barbara.

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Apologies here is the link