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There as been a warning alert to do with a magna movement at HEKLA volcano in Iceland. The person that uploaded the video said it is known as the 'Entrance to Hell'. What pinged out at me from the video was the fact that the last time there was movement there, was eleven years ago in February 2000.

That was a time of huge spiritual transition for humanity, due to the mighty planetary alignments that took place at that time. It was also a time of great hope, love and light. So no coincidence that 9/11 happened after it, due to some not wishing humanity to progress. However, there is always a blessing in disguise if you can find the silver lining of every dark cloud. 9/11 woke a lot of people up, to the meaning and understanding of duality.

Once people come to understand, that the intelligent design of their own being is immortal, game over. Christ knew this, hence why he predicted it.

11 August 1999, was the fixed cross total solar eclipse. On the 5th of May 2000 it was the grand alignments of the planets and it was an incredibly powerful time. [1][2]Some also say that 5th of May was Buddha's birthday. It was on that day that myself and another were taken into altered state for ten days. Afterwards I asked why? I was told that it was training and preparation for what lay ahead of me in the future.

The astrologers state that there was a series of grand crosses during 2010 and another one in 2012. [3]

"The line-up of outer planets on the cardinal cross this July / August make the astrology of 2010 the most potent for decades, perhaps centuries. Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn & Pluto line in a Grand Cross configuration that is without precedent and will not be repeated for a very long time." 

7th of August 2010 a Cardinal Cross. 

The return of the cardinal grand cross, as Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn line up with the conjunction of Sun and Moon in Cancer 2011. 

So what does all of that have to do with HEKLA? Some have written that it was the Christian monks that called Hekla the gateway to hell. In one poem from a monk in 1120, Hekla is the prison of Judas, and as we know the legend of Judas is about betraying his own soul for money. There is still a legend that witches gather there on Hekla for Easter. There is a war in the heavens going on, this morning when I woke up I could hardly move and it felt like someone had a made a doll of me, and was sticking pins in it. There are many that do not wish to let go of the old realties, that are being challenged on many levels of consciousness.

As we know the whole concept of hell as been developed and promoted by the religions. How many religionists have actually done their homework? This is about truth and how truth is presented. Is the truth that you embrace healthy for human consciousness? Do you know what is healthy for human consciousness? These are all questions for humanity to ask themselves in thought, word and deed.

Jeff Benner as done a series of videos on 'Heaven and Hell, the Geography of Sheol. This is part five. One can understand Plato's cave analogy as a very simple way of understanding the underworld of those that are in the grave as mentioned in this video. What Plato shared about the cave was helping the people to understand the shattering of their illusions that are created by perceptions of reality. Christ also said that if a man does not shine then there is darkness. Hence, why he helped the people to heal what they held within themselves.

The grave in biblical terms is also about the spiritually dead, Prophet Ezekiel called them 'dry bones'. and in the Dead Sea Scrolls they were called the 'Sons of Darkness'. As we know love is eternal and darkness dies. So it comes back to how do we view reality and does what we impart come from darkness of religious root causes of core issues, or the light of divine love that moved the prophets in zealous compassionate action to help the people; to leave the cave of the illusion of the spiritually dead?

The Jewish prophets knew that this time would come when people would leave their stalls of division, and leap with joy in praise of the LORD God. As he said 'By the time they find out what we have done it will be too late for them to change it'. The Jewish prophets stood against the division co-created by academic mindsets, that like to keep people in the status quo of never ending cycles. Hence, why Prophet Isaiah and others taught ascension of the being. The phoenix rising from the ashes of the old state of being. That is why humanity is experiencing it on a grand and global scale, this was also shown to us in the crop circles of 2010.

The word HEKLA is an important one, what does it remind you of? Does it remind you of the hecklers that heckle for the sake of it? Are they any different to those that heckled Christ or anyone else that came in truth from the heart of wisdom?

People heckle that which they do not understand, because they have not done their homework. So they heckle those that have. Hecklers demonstrate emotional and spiritual immaturity. Its like the difference between the lazy child and the studious child. Children naturally love to learn, there is no such thing as a lazy child, if all children are inspired to develop their natural talents. However, in adults they have to have the willingness to listen and contemplate truth that can become wisdom. Plato and Socrates understood this well, that is why they did their utmost to mentor people in a way that would interest them and get their taste buds going.

In the past when I was being heckled, Christ said 'Some have sour taste buds and not a sweet tooth'. That is profound wisdom.


This is post 21 in July, and the 21st century was born in WISDOM.





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