Thursday, 21 July 2011


In the last post we mentioned Hosea chapter 4. Its an important passage because it mentions a specific person. It mentions Israel stumbling by day and it rebukes them. It mentions a person stumbling with their priests during the night and that is to do with the dark times.

In the passage the person that is the spokesperson for Israel is called a 'Nably'. Hebrew strongs 05012. The root word is 'Naba'. It also calls her Mother, and that is translated as 'em' translated provided by  Hebrew Strongs 0517. Scholars state that another meaning is that it is about Deborah's relationship to the people.

It is clear from this text that it is her point of departure, and she comes from the tribe of Ephraim. Ephraim was a son of Joseph. However, Ephraim is also symbolic of Christianity. Although she is Jewish and lives on the land of Israel, and her children were born there as far as I am aware.

Deborah is the English translation of the Hebrew word Devorah and it means BEE.

I did meet a Devorah, a spiritual leader,  when I was sent to Israel to call the gathering on his holy hill. She also joined us for the healing work at Mount Carmel and at the Sea of Galilee. However, at the holy gathering, the Sea of Galilee and afterwards, she chose to go her own way. Instead of honor what I had been sent to Israel to share.

Afterwards, she was coming to Europe and the LORD God made sure that he made it impossible for us to meet up as she would've liked. I asked her to be patient, to trust and know that there is a divine plan and to allow it to unfold. To allow the LORD God to show us all the way.

The next news was that she was launching 'Hug Jerusalem' and the LORD God roared in response.  I was compelled to tell her that it was not divine providence for her to do what she was doing. Afterwards people were murdered in a school in Jerusalem. The annual hug of Jerusalem as continued ever since.

However, the fact that Hosea 4, is being brought forward now, in this year of four, will probably explain a lot, to a lot of people, that may have misunderstood me or the scripture in the past.

The Royal Queen (as mentioned in Psalm 45) was not born on the land of Israel and the Torah told them that the one would not be born there. Nobody can take the crown from those that the LORD God as ordained.

Was Moses born in Israel? No. There you have another criteria for the one. To be truly like Moses one cannot be born on the land of Israel. The legend goes, that Moses never stepped foot on the land of Israel, and I did. Exactly as the prophecies predicted that I would.



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