Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lithuania Update UK

On the 16th of january 2009, I received a message regarding lithuania. 


There as been a fire blast, news report states that five men have been killed in an explosion at an industrial unit in Boston, Lincolnshire. England. Ages of the men range between 39 and 18. There was a sixth man but he survived after suffering 75% severe burns. He underwent hospital treatment at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham. 

The men were all Lithuanian nationals living in Peterborough. Police relate the explosion to criminal activity relating to chemicals. [2]

Here is the original message received. 


Lithuania 46

On waking this morning Abba said "Lithuania" then the number 46. 

In Greek gematria 46 is the value of ELIA, in numerology 46 is to do with relationship. I did have a relationship with a man who had family in Boston.

For more information see the links. 

This is the second happening in a place called BOSTON in the last week. Remember the two planes colliding in Boston USA, and one was on its way to Holland. Prior to the news hitting the headlines, we made a post about the Amsterdam airport.

Play on words there with BOS and TON. Ton relating to the spiritual of cosmos that is mentioned in the NT by Christ, the measure of the law. Ton also came up a lot in this seasons crop circles. 

Keep your eyes on Boston for there is bound to be a third event. It always happens in threes. As we know Boston is a major base for financial institutions and the stock markets and Newscorp will not escape the spiritual law internationally. A few years ago, I said that Murdoch would flee to OZ, and journalists are definitely fleeing Newscorp. However, there as already been a biblical plague of locusts in the area where his family purchased land. [4] There is no escape from the LORD God. 

The same with Amsterdam, because it is the second time that I have been given Schiphol Airport, after the first time a catastrophe was avoided, the police caught the people concerned.

Crop Circle Connector also state that there is a new crop circle on St Cross Road. No ariels of it yet. 






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