Thursday, 7 July 2011

Is God a Shadow?

In the BARA post that we featured this month regarding the image of God, we included the video from Jeff Benner. We also wrote in that post the following:

"The ancient Egyptians also taught that there were five aspects to the human soul. It appears that the concept of the shadow self is part of the soul came from Egyptian philosophy. I have already written that the enlightened know that there is no shadow self. However, there are memories that can weigh down the light body and stop it from flying divine. Hence, why healing is so important." 

Today, the second part of the video is being featured and it mentions the 'shadow' again. 

The word translated as image actually means shadow and Jeff cites a verse that includes: 

"And the powerful one filled the man with his shadow". 

Jeff gives the passage Genesis 1.27 and in the verse the word is elohiym, (strongs 0430) it is a plural word and it can mean: rulers, judges, angels, god, goddesses. We have featured posts on ELOHIM on this blog in the past dedicated to it. 

He also cites the following:

"You shall not take the character of the Lord your God falsely". 

Now in the video Jeff as put the text in upper and lower case as above. However, in the biblical text on line, the LORD is in caps. That is very important because there is a difference in meaning between LORD and Lord. 

So the video should be written "You shall not take the character of the LORD your God falsely. 

How many people actually know the true character of the LORD God? 

If we compare this with the Christ teachings in the NT, he told his followers that nobody was as good as Abba. He always put him above himself and did his utmost to lead his followers to the heavenly Father. 

My experience of his character is that he is galant, strong, sensitive, with a sense of humor. He is like the very best husband that could be possible. He does things for you that you can only be in awe of. Like every good husband, he likes you to be in awe of him and his creation. He is merciful, compassionate and violence vexes him. Historically, so much that man as done as been attributed to him, yet he would not do most of what man does. 

I remember in 2002 when I received the first discourse with him on EGO and he said how ego had been misunderstood, misconstrued and maligned. It is the same with the LORD God in my experience, have the religions presented the character of the LORD God falsely? Yes. How could they share correctly his character if they had not seen him and spoken to him? 

As the Son of God said 'Blessed are the pure heart for they shall see God'. 

You might like to contemplate on the differences here and what it means to you. 


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