Saturday, 18 August 2012


In the previous post about Michael, the gas mask vision and the plan to make war with Iran. The number 1966 was mentioned. [1] 1966 is also the gematria value of 'She does it for the love of money'. Who did it for money? As we know Michael died leaving a huge financial estate, the full story is on the other blog. Michael left a trap for those that had plans for his estate. They walked straight into it, by not letting me know that he had passed over as he had instructed Marion to do. Marion was given strict instructions by Michael to contact me immediately if anything ever happened to him. So did the Still Construction company do it for the love of money? Michael knew that my love was not for sale, and he honored me has his moral compass. He wrote many wonderful things about the one that did her utmost to help him.

Michael wasn't able to finance himself from his own estate and financial portfolio, its a long story of 'Corporate manslaughter' and 'Criminal Negligence'. As you can understand it was a shock when I discovered that Michael had passed over, and it was very hard to accept. This video about the case in question was made just before I was 'cut off'. The 'cut off' is also mentioned in the Daniel prophecy where it mentions Michael, the Prince of Persia, the Prince of Greece and I. The phone and internet service was cut off and I wasn't able to finance a new line for a few months. I truly understood how Michael felt with his services being continually cut off.

Nostradamus also made a prediction about Michael and there is even a play on words with the word STILL. No surprise then that the name Marion Still has the same gematria value as 'Angel of Darkness'. 
'Mans life or death', 'A big problem for him', 'Deny', 'G Bush elected', 'Deceitful Barack'. 

Nostradamus knew that I would understand the prophecies, as did other mystics who left many messages for us everywhere down the ages. 

I know in my heart that I did as much as I could to help Michael, although I have questioned myself many times, could I have done more? I do feel now that I have recovered from the bereavement, although it has taken a long time because he had such a powerful impact on my life. There was a great love in the heart of us both for each other. He knows that he will always remain in my heart. The bereavement was also compounded by the run-in with the police who have been going after all of the human rights activists. That too is a biblical prophecy and can be found in the book of Matthew. The one known as Jesus Christ predicted that they would arrest our people in this timeline and that the 'Son of Man' would come. The term 'Son of Man' is a term of endearment. Hence, Daniel and Ezekiel were also called 'Son of Man'. He also warned the people about the medical profession and the fact that they can kill the soul and the body. He told his followers to never be afraid, and do not be afraid of those that can kill the body.

When the police 'bullied' me about the wars, they asked if there was going to be another war. I was dauntless and righteous before them.  I informed them there would be another war and Libya followed. I also informed them that the floods would come next and Queensland, Australia was flooded while I was held in custody.

The successful business woman, followed her heart and became a professional clairvoyant, (with clients in 14 countries around the world, from New York to Singapore) then she became a healer, remote viewer, and spiritual teacher. Then a human rights activist that paid the price in more ways than one.  Extraordinary people do extraordinary things. Its not over, we are just beginning to make everything anew. Many of the old realities will be swept away as the divine plan unfolds.

May Michael rest in peace and the war with Iran be avoided. May the people truly understand the importance of this and the full reason why we are both featured in the biblical prophecies. Why we did what we did to help the USA, Israel, the Iranians and the children of the world. We did it all for integrity, justice and love.

The world must put the children first, they must turn their hearts to the children, otherwise, the nations will be destroyed. Exactly, as Prophet Malachi predicted.

Love beyond measure, and now I am going to sit in the sun.



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