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Cheesefoot Head Crop Circle 2012

This morning I was referred to the crop circles so took a look to see if there was anything interesting. This crop circle was found at 'Cheesefoot Head', nr WINchester, Hampshire/ UK. It was discovered on the 9th of August, 2012. Of course the number 9 is about completion and divine love. The 9th of August is the 'Day of Tower of Strength'. No coincidence then that the Olympics is about to finish, and training is mentioned in the teachings of the prophets in the bible. However, the teachings are about spiritual training not physical training, although the former does impact on the latter. We have discussed spiritual peak fitness on this blog in the past.

The location name is fascinating 'Cheesefoot Head', as my own pure attention is on healing foods, herbs, flowers and oils at this point in time.  The qualities that they have to assist the people with the physical health issues. For instance: St John's Wort (can be taken in tablet form) and Licorice root can be drank as a tea, both are good anti-inflammatories. Tea Tree oil is also excellent for rubbing on the gums if you have a toothache, its also brilliant for edema. After a hot bath, put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in some massage oil, then you rub it on the soles of the feet before sleep. If possible, it is far better to take natural remedies that our Creator gave us, instead of taking the highly 'toxic' medication provided by the medical profession for a very high cost.

Cheese foot is also to do with the sense of smell, and the impact that what you smell has an impact on you. So that is asking people to look at the aromatherapy oils, herbs and spices. Cheese is also a dairy food, and the people are being asked to look at what they eat and why? For instance; if people have yeast overgrowth, they should avoid cheese if it has yeast in it. There is cheese without yeast, goat's cheese, the lovely Greek feta served on top of salad. Cream cheese with garlic or herbs is great on ryvita and of course mozzarella is amazing served on top of fresh spinach, tomato with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Four is the number that is paramount in this crop circle. 4 is to do with logic and the material world. If you look closely at the crop, it also looks like it has been embroidered, and there are many 'stitches' to its formation. Four is about 'practicality', how to use the intellect effectively, it also relates to 'mercury'. The planet that relates to communication.

In health it relates to the 'kidney and bladder. Headaches and nervous tension.'  In work it relates to the 'architecture and design'. As such, we are looking at the impact of what practical steps you take to understand the workings, architecture, design of the human being including its communication system.  How the bodymind and soul consciousness communicates. How it is all stitched together to make a wonderful person.

I like the interconnectedness of the crop circle and the four sacred directions. It also reminds me of the originating DNA that is positioned at the base of the spine. Hence, the sacral area is extremely important to the good health of your being due to the sheer power of the DNA.

There are four lines in width and four in depth. eight lines altogether and eight is the number of spiritual transformation. A good one for 2012. The number 16 is also part of it and 16 relates to the politicians featured in Rev 16.

Kidney is about the 'shen of life' and releasing the toxins. As such, it also relates to releasing the 'toxic' politicians that support anything that is 'toxic' to your bodies. It really is time to flush them out with water that also holds memory that impacts on the people. Did you know that there was no regulation in respect of mercury in water until 1992?

As we know the pharmaceutical industry has not yet been brought to account for what it continually does to the people. The medical profession and the politicians support an industry that harms the people at the same time as making a living from that which is 'toxic'. From 'toxic psychiatry', to 'toxic' pharma that forces the people to consume mercury and other poisons. The simple fact is this, if any pill taken co-creates a side effect then it really should not be taken. It is up to the people to take full responsibility for their health. Take back their power from those that do their utmost to 'disempower' them.

Photo copyright of James Patterson 

Many health professionals are well aware of the 'toxic' medical profession, the biblical prophecies also warn you about those that can take the soul.  However, in many cases their hands are tied; due to the system that has been installed by academics. Some of which are atheists and that is bound to have an impact on what is given to the people. Atheists tend not to accept life after death, although they accept 'genetic inheritance'. Frankly, you cannot have one without the other, they go hand-in-hand as the bible describes. 'All cells arise from pre-existing cells'. Big smiles! [2]

We have 32 dots in the crop circle altogether, and 32 also compounds to 5, with 2012 being a five year of physical manifestation. The number 32 is also to do with communication, media, publishing, writing and television. When the baby is 32 weeks its getting ready to engage for delivery, there is just weeks to go and it certainly feels like 2012 is getting ready for its big delivery. That just about takes us to the end of the Saturn in Libra transit in early October. A month prior to the US presidential election, where the health of the people will be a major consideration for the voters.

Without good health there is no good sport, and good health is the greatest wealth, it beats Olympic medals everyday. If we look at health, who knows more about that than Obama and Mitt? Ron Paul, he is fully aware that the health of the nation and its future is at stake. Is America going to allow the politicians to 'break the back' of America? There is a lot to be concerned about in the USA right now.

However, I wonder how much Ron Paul knows about the sympathetic nervous system, many people are diagnosed as having 'mental health' problems, when in fact it is a nervous system issue and nothing to do with mental health. Unfortunately, the people put their own health into the hands of so-called scientists; that are still finding out about the amazing world that we live in. It really is time for the tide to turn for the people in every country. Teshuvah to that which is natural and good for you, that which has always been sacred.

No surprise then that this crop circle is served up on a platter, it really is that simple. A food plate of food that can communicate with your body and heal it.  If you eat the most appropriate foods that are aligned with any pre-ordained 'weakness' that you might have, prevention cannot be underestimated.

So what does the foot have to do with the head? Do you know? If you don't, its about time that you found out by visiting a therapist from any of the following healing disciplines. Shiatsu, Reflexology, Health Kinesiology.

Thank you to James Patterson for the superb pictures. Thank you to Crop Circle Connector for sharing them with the world.

Love beyond measure



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Eliakim said...

This made me smile!

Especially as it was published after the end of the Olympics. Russell Brand really was the best, would have liked to have seen a lot more of him. All I can say is, welcome back home, hope you will stay Russell.

Amazing synchronicity at the ceremony. With the Phoenix rising, the name that some know, combined with Take That! The song we all sang years ago. Looking back on that time with the Americans, we did have some laughs.

Last night I was pondering on the medical profession and on my right a large pillar of smoke appeared. It was cosmic!