Sunday, 5 August 2012


More biblical prophecy is being fulfilled in the land of ESAU that is the USA. 

Boliva to expel Coca Cola, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez followed suit.
The USA is required to reorganize itself to accommodate the changing planet and its people. No longer will the world be dominated by US Corporations. Clearly, the actions of other countries around the world, will impact on the USA and the prosperity of its people. Best Americans become flexible and fluid, to enable them to adapt to the changing world and its environment, one cannot deny the impact it will have on their country. The biblical prophecies do predict that many people will be driven out. 

The more that the countries drive out the US Corporations, the greater the impact on the USA and its people. The USA got rich on the back of other countries and the poor, now the table has turned.  Both Rev 17, and Rev 18 is about the USA, it is the only nation that fits the criteria of the combined prophecy. There is much to do USA, to prepare your people for what is ahead of you. There is only one cake, and it is time for it be shared equally. The rich can run has fast as they wish, alas, there is nowhere for them to go. Nothing is hidden from the sight of the LORD God. Saturn in Libra is about social justice, the spiritual law, the truth and redressing the balance. It will come to a climax before we move into Saturn in Scorpio in October.


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