Friday, 31 August 2012

Alpaca Sign USA 2012

15 Alpacas have been mauled an eleven were killed by two pit bulls. No surprise that this comes right after the Republican convention, Palin called herself a 'pit bull' in 2008, and the attack took place in ESSEX, VA on Sunday morning. First we had the sighting of a Lion in Essex, UK and it turned out to be a large cat. Now Alpacas in the USA.

In my humble view it is a sign because there was a post in November 2011 with a divine message connected to the Alpaca family. [1] The post is called the LORD's LAMA and it mentions the next phase of the divine operation that is about to begin. It also mentions 'swopping eagle of the desert' and as we know the USA is associated with the eagle and there has been an announcement from a US seal that has launched a book about the Bin Laden case. We also know what is going on in Syria, and the news today is that Egypt have allowed an Iranian war ship through the Suez.

So let's look at the numerics.

15+2 = 17 = Rev 17 that is about the USA. 17 is also the STAR card and it has a nude woman upon it. As we know the star is on the American national flag and their military vehicles. There were also nude women parading for freedom to be topless in recent days.

15 is the Hebrew gematria value of 'To love excessively'. 'India', 'To sound forth', 'He is/She is Yah'. [3]. Rev 15 is about the seven angels and seven plagues. Isaiah 15 is also a prophecy about Moab an orthodox Christian related moab to the USA due to the amount of abortions that take place.

11 died and 11 is the Hebrew gematria value for the word 'Slaughter'. You will also notice that I uploaded a post titled 'Mitt Romney 'Sacrifice of Sons' and there has been yet another shooting today in the USA.

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