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Yesterday, I had a dream and it included a power speedboat. It was about love, marriage and 'recovery' from disease. I received that dream on the 3rd of August, 2012. The 3rd of August, was also the 'Day of Quest'. The dream related to my 20's and how people view that time now. I corrected the women in the dream. I informed them, that what happened in my life, was not has they viewed it. 

I spoke of the deep level of love that was involved between two people. A great love that helped us to overcome serious disease.  Whilst looking for a picture of a high-powered speedboat, I came across an American that also overcame cancer, Stuart Hayim, (USA) is aiming to break the record on the 7th of August, 2012 with a high-powered speed boat. Please give him and 'RECOVERY' your support, Stuart is on a mission and we wish him great success once more.

We are breaking all time records. Extraordinary people, do extraordinary things with love beyond measure and pure intention. 


I had another dream this morning and today, the 4th of August, is the 'Day of Guiding Light', there was also a gateway opening in Egypt this morning. 

Today's dream was about a man I knew in my early 40's, I was in his house with my son. He was in pain and he showed me where his pain was under his right breastplate. He is a healer and spiritual teacher, and we have a Native American past life connection has man and wife. The man was not asking for the help that could be given to him, he was more interested in his career. 

His face had turned blue, I tried to massage the wings of his back, with what looked liked sandalwood but he wasn't in a very good mood, and he was not keen on me trying to help him. So I left, and then the dream ended. 

After I woke up, a friend knocked on the door, she was sharing some books on healing foods related to different diseases. After she left, I noticed that a mushroom had appeared on my wooden staff outside my door. It was growing on the staff itself. We have been shown the power of mushrooms again, in the last couple of weeks for a lady with a digestive disease. Especially the Chinese mushrooms.  Also in the news, the bees are giving us a sign to do with the metal miasm in the USA. [1] 

If you feel that your body is impacted on by a metal miasm, try some natural honey from the local farm. 

Clearly, the liquid from the honey bee, holds important messages for the human vessel. Gurudas also recommends 'Daffodil', 'Hyssop' and 'Skullcap' flower essences for what is known has the 'heavy metal miasm'. Hyssop is mentioned in the bible and we did make a previous post on it. See the link below. 

Miasms are energetic disease that can shape shift transgenerationally. Hence, past life healing has a role in eliminating pollutants from your energy fields. [3] The metal miasm is a 'pollutant', and it is being created due to what is being put into what people are consuming. Miasms do not only impact on you, they impact on your children and their children. It is written that it wasn't until 1992, that mercury levels in water was regulated. No surprise then that there has been a huge increase in autism since the early 90's. We also know scientifically, that fluids hold memory and significant research has been done with water in this respect. 

Vaccines include 'Thimersol' and it contains a 'mercury containing preservative', that impacts on bacteria. It is also reported that aluminium is used as well in anti-biotics. If you are suffering any ill-health. Please look at what you were consuming around the time that the illness began, what was going on in your life at that time, and what you are still consuming now. If you dig deep enough, and seek the root causes of the core issues, you will make a breakthrough, you will see the light and then you can follow it to break the never ending cycle of disease. For you and your families, because disease often runs in families. So do look at your heritage as well, and what you inherited energetically from your parents. 

As you know, the heavenly Father also spoke about 'Vulcanics' previously and vulcanics is to do with metal energy. See previous posts. The fact, that the bees congregated on the wing of the plane in the USA, is a very powerful message and a positive sign from the bees. [2] Just like the bible prophecies predicted, the animals and insects show us the way, and teach us many things. 

The things that they would like you to learn about the good health of humans. Do not underestimate the power of the food that they provide. Each have their own role in the eco-system of the planet, each are part of the food chain for the right reasons. 

It is imperative that humanity stop eating a processed food diet, if they wish to remain healthy and live long life.  There is absolutely no reason why, people cannot become like yogi's and leave their bodies when they choose to do so. In fact, Prophet Isaiah predicted that humanity will live to become 120 years again, just like the Essenes did. 

The human body is a powerful vessel, and it has the power of a high-powered speed boat to create miracles, when you eat the right healing foods that your body requires. You can even break the sound barrier when the body is filled with light. However, it is essential the people remove any 'negative emotion' and its associated memories because it weighs down the light body, and its powerful ability to help a person to heal itself. Hence, self-development, and self-healing is imperative for healthy bodies. 

It is also essential that the people become a lot more intuitive, so that they can really tune into their own bodies and its requirements. If your body craves, or is asking for a particular food, then there will be a very good reason for it. Check out what that food is for, and you will have an indication of why your body is requesting the specific nutrients from a specific food. For instance, cauliflower is a powerful healing food to prevent cancer and boost the immune system. It is even more powerful than broccoli. However, people with gout should stay away from cauliflower due to the amino acids, called purines. Leeks and celery is recommended for people with gout. Cherries are also very good for them. Do you like homemade celery soup? Its delicious! 

Do you really know what you are consuming and what impact that is having on your body? 

A 12th century, Persian mystic and poet, Omar Khayyam understood much of what we speak of. He wrote: 'The grape that can with logic absolute. The to-and-seventy jarring sects confute: The subtle Alchemist that in a thrice, life's leaden metal into gold transmute'. The Rubaiyat. 

I was blessed to know and work with Omar Khayyam between the years of 2000-2003. He has a wonderful sense of humor. 



2. Ingredients in Vaccines


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