Tuesday, 28 August 2012


This is not the first time that we have shared about circumcision on our blogs. [1] Circumcision has been banned in a court in Cologne, Germany. Its no surprise that over 600 Rabbi's came out in support of Obama after that. As we know Obama has promoted Islam, as such he also supports what 'Jews Against Circumcision' call a 'barbaric act'.

'A current ballot measure in San Francisco seeks to ban circumcision with no religious exception. Many people have called this ballot anti-semitic and anti-muslim. This is simply not true. All babies deserve genital integrity and autonomy over their bodies. No one has the right to make a decision for a child to alter his body for non-medical reasons, including religion. Religous Freedom does not give one the right to mutilate someone elses's body, even if that person is their child. Parents only have the right to make medically valid decisions for their minor child, like a tonsillectomy or appendectomy. Circumcision is not medically valid.' [3] 

The court in Germany is now looking at the case of ear piercing children.

After a Cologne court ruled in June that circumcision was illegal, a Berlin judge is examining whether or not ear-piercing should be as well.
The issue has come up in conjunction with a suit against a tattoo studio by the parents of a three-year-old girl whose ears were pierced at the studio.
A judge must rule on whether the parents should be punished for having sought the piercing, and whether the studio can be prosecuted for not having refused to perform the procedure. A decision is expected by August 31.
The parents of the girl said in their suit that the child cried from an inordinate amount of pain as her ears were being pierced. During a medical examination three days later the child was still manifesting a traumatic reaction.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do to the children.


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