Thursday, 23 August 2012

If you love someone

Last night I said to a friend that I would ask the LORD God about the USA. Just now he spoke these words.

The LORD said 'If you love someone, you are co-operative to change'.

As such, if people love the LORD God then they will be co-operative to the change he is asking humanity for. As we know change is the only constant in the cosmos. If you love yourselves then you are co-operative to change yourselves, if you love your nations, you are co-operative to change them in a positive and just way, that gives everyone the right to fair treatment. Gives everyone a voice. 

As far as the USA is concerned, there is a difference between their nation and the UK. In the USA, many of the people love their political leaders and will do literally anything for them. It is the same in some other nations. However, In the UK, many people love the monarchy, and not the politicians. 

Electing politicians in the UK is different, many people take a serious look at who is going to be representing them. Their choice is made in a sober manner, and most cases it is done in detachment of the personalities involved. People in the UK tend to vote based on policies, manifesto, or historical allegiance to a particular party. 

In my experience of the 2008 USA election, it is more about celebrity, personality, looks, religion, allegiance to abortion, gay or civil rights -v- the pro-life camp and gun laws. The American presidential election is very 'emotive' and those that are running for election know how to utilize the MSM and the internet to arouse the maximum emotion possible. In other words they know how to turn the American people on and off. For instance in 2008, people filmed were asked why they voted for Obama, so many did not know anything about his policies, history or credentials. The people were swept away by the people being turned onto the hope and change that they thought the African-American President would bring. Indeed, there was change but not the kind of change that the American people would have loved to be a part of. Economically, their nation has gone back decades in prosperity and nothing that Obama does can change that now. There is an old English proverb, 'When poverty comes through the door, love flies out of the window'. Has the emotive love of Obama flown out of the window of his jet setting celebrity lifestyle? Can Mitt the Mormon arouse the people that know nothing about economics, yet, they know that they would like their freedom. 

I cannot see how either of those two can really reach the youth of today, when they are both sides of the same coin. Neither of them have anything to offer as far as positive change is concerned. If the people require positive change and are co-operative to it. Then it is going to a take a lot more than what is on offer to really put the USA back on track after the Bush/Obama era. 

There is also a limit to how much more the rest of the world is willing to put up with from the USA. The people of the world are intelligent and they know what is going on. The world has woken up, it is not the same world as it was in 2008, and the USA will have to tread very carefully if it is to satisfy its own nation and other nations around the world. 

There is 'emotive love' and there is real love, do the nations know the difference? 


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