Friday, 17 August 2012

Gas Mask Vision - They're planning war with Iran

On the 4th of November 2011, I posted the visions that I had been given and it included a  ‘gas mask’ like a child would wear. What does the number ‘1966’ have to do with it?

I have just seen this video of a second gas mask that was found at the scene of the ‘James Holmes’ murder.

The visions that I received included the ‘City of London’ and I was given the song ‘She flew across the room’. I now know that was another timing link. 
The Olympics were held in East London near Canary Wharf that is the new financial centre of London. In the Olympics closing ceremony a ballerina flew across the room after the phoenix had risen from the ashes. There is a spiritual man in the UK that used to have a company called 'Phoenix Rising', there is also a man in the USA, that had the avatar name 'Phoenix 2012'. 

Where the Olympics 2012 was held, it was bombed to the ground during WW2. In recent days a friend from the USA, sent me a video of American tanks on their way to California. The song 'She flew across the room', could indicate that those tanks were on their way to LA because the female singer and her brother in the band 'Carmen' were from LA. 

They are preparing for war with Iran and Americans must be made aware of it. This is very serious, before I saw the gas mask, I saw Michael. Michael is mentioned in the book of Daniel, the prophecy tells you that he was the only one that supported me and against the Prince of Persia. That is also mentioned in the original post that mentions the gas mask. The biblical prophecy tells you that I would be 'cut off'.  My telephone and internet service was cut off at the beginning of June and I did not return until August 2012.
In the original blogpost I also mentioned Africa and as we know 34 miners have been killed by police in recent days. Another indication of the timeline.

When I received the original visions that included the ‘gas mask’ I was given the number 1966.

I have just checked the gematria that I had not checked before.

1966 = ‘Dallas Cowboys Schedule’. When I was in Israel in 2007, I was informed that the next mission was with the USA. I was shown a marlborough packet and Dallas.

“Loud voice from heaven’.

“Unless a person is born from above’. That refers to being born again, as the biblical prophecy predicts, 'This one was born in ZION' the prophecy is providing a criteria. In other words they were not born in Saudi!

“Holy Gene, Bride of Jesus Christ’.

“The Queen wears the gold of Ophir’. That is to do with the prophecy in the psalm about the royal bride that wears the golden gown. Psalm 45.

Here is the commentary and explanation of Psalm 45.

The video that we shared in 2008 with the Americans, when I was sent to help them.


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