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Following on from a request from the USA, the  LORD God said ‘If you love someone, you are co-operative to change’. After that he informed me, of the following: 'You are helping them to redefine their faith'. The last message I received from him, he said 'The mental health professionals are going to get the sack'. 
The last time he said that people were going to get the sack, there was a series of men that were removed from the top slots of the police force in the UK. There have also been literally hundreds of top management that have resigned, sacked or have been arrested from banks and the corporations around the world. As far as mental health is concerned, we have advised the people that health conditions that are related to 'trauma' are nothing to do with mental health. It is a nervous system issue that then impacts on functionality. How many GP's mention the nervous system or understand the full impact of 'trauma' upon it? In my experience, none. How many GP's link your dental treatment with other health conditions that you maybe experiencing? None. Did you know that your teeth are linked to your organs? How many GP's take a full case history from the day of your birth? None. How many GP's are willing to accept that what was done to you at birth by the medical profession has impacted on your health and life adversely? How many are ready to take responsibility for the medical professions co-creation of trauma related disease? That includes back issues that the medical profession cannot solve? 
How many doctors are willing to stand up and be counted? How many are ready to step up and stand against the medical profession and its pharmaceutical bosses? How many people are ready to say no, I will not take your drugs that close down human consciousness? How many people are ready to sue the doctors and pharmaceutical industry for what it has done to the people of the nations?

Veterans from the USA who came home with PTSD were informed it was a mental health condition and they were prescribed 'mind altering drugs' that break down the immune system, and the bodies own unique and dynamic self-healing system that helps the body to repair. How many people know that the medication that they are being given is destroying their bodies? How many Christians are aware that the  one known as Jesus Christ, warned people about the medical profession when he warned his followers to be aware of the one that can 'kill the body and the soul?'. That was a prophecy about the last days of the end times. He also warned his followers about the 'arrests' and veterans all over the USA are being arrested right now. Particularly, those that know that 9/11 was an inside job,we have the forensic evidence and the weapon used is even mentioned in the biblical prophecies. See our video on the 'Powder Weapon'. Prophet Isaiah also made a prediction about the twin towers being destroyed and the biblical prophecies also warned about Obama.

As far as mental health is concerned, remember this that the LORD God himself stated through his prophets that he will make everything ANEW. That means everything will change in a twinkling of an eye. The eyes that 'twinkled' was also a sign that the people would see when she arrived.

Although those that know, know how much sheer effort the spiritual and human rights activists have put in during the last 100 years; to bring this change and spiritual transformation about. It is atheist scientists that genetically modify insects and the creation of our Creator. It is the atheists that 'struggle with god' and have not redeemed their souls.  Atheists create 'genetically modified foods', no person that honors our Creator with a heart of conscience would medicate the children of the nations when there is no requirement to do so.

Every time I tried to type 20, it kept on coming up 30. There are 30 million children on pharmaceutical drugs and the USA wonder why there are numerous shootings. Has there been a single case where medication wasn't involved? Medication given by a medical profession whose rule book is a pharmaceutical directory. The difference is that the spiritual live by the spiritual law, not by a directory or the law of man.


In Chicago, in the USA, they've now introduced a 'wellness program' that ensures that everyone has to have a mental health check, so that the pharmaceutical industry can increase its customer base with people taking their drugs for life. 'Drugs that kill the body and the soul', exactly as the Son of God predicted. If people are not willing to take the health checks that the atheist medical profession prescribe, then Chicago states that the people will be charged more money for their health insurance plan.

In the UK, if the people refuse serious 'harmful' medication, then they are not considered worthy enough to receive any financial help from the community purse. The community purse, that they spent their working lives funding. People with cancer that are receiving hospital treatment are even being forced to go to work. That is just the tip of the iceberg, even people in wheel chairs and without limbs, are being forced to look for work, at the same time as there are over 2 million young and healthy children without jobs. Do you have any idea of the sheer pressure that is putting on disabled people, and people with serious health conditions?

I tell you this that if the governments of the day cannot provide for the poor and people who are off work due to health issues.  Then those same governments have not created a civilized society from the huge amount of tax reserves that they took from the people for generations.

Governments have proven themselves to be no different than the so-called 'mental health professionals', and for sure the British government and its police force, have pushed the children of this nation to dislike them more than ever. Good, upstanding children, have no time for the government and its police force due to what the LORD God called their 'discrimination'. Discrimination against their own people, and it is the same for those that have been through the trials and tribulations of the mental health profession.

I was prescribed Naproxin for a back issue; and the list of side effects included in the leaflet are numerous and dangerous for the body. When I informed the doctor that I could not take his medication due to the side effects, his face was a picture.

There is a sea change coming, I can feel it in my water. As the LORD God said 'If you love someone, you are co-operative to change'.

The Son of God wasn't only an incredible healer of consciousness and spiritual teacher, he was also a powerful human rights activist. He stood for truth and justice like every human rights activist does.


A decade ago, compelled by the holy spirit, I predicted that emotive change was coming, and that it would be an 'emotive social evolution'. Well it has certainly arrived as predicted internationally. The biblical prophecies also predicted that the Queen of the South would rise at the judgement with the people, and Prophet Isaiah predicted that when it came with the children, it would be a sign for Israel. However, we have also had the sign of Jonah arrive in Israel as well in 2010. I am sure you remember the riots by the children in 2011 and England was burning. The bible also warned about the fires if the people refuse to take this to their hearts and turn their hearts to the children.

5 million trees burned down on Mount Carmel in 2010, following the war in 2006. The bible also warned about that as well. Israel were warned in advance, that if they did not take this to their hearts, then the war would come next, then the fire.

In the book of Samuel, it mentions how people are changed into a different person when they have been blessed by the Spirit of the LORD. 1 Samuel 10:6 That certainly happened to me, and there have also been many changes in Israel since our visits there.

In Hosea 'My heart is changed within me: all my compassion is aroused'. 11:8 No coincidence that verse is 11:8, as eight is the number of spiritual transformation. The Son of God also said 'Truly, I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven'; Matthew 18:3

What was he talking about? Your inner child. He knew that 'inner child' work was essential for ascension, he knew how important in-working and healing the self is. That is why he told his followers that the kingdom of God is within you. He was urging people to seek within to redeem their souls.

In the book of Hebrews, it also reminds the people  'For when the priesthood is changed, the law must be changed also'. Hebrews 7:12 Does that ring any bells for you? No coincidence that is verse 12 and this is 2012.

Is Mitt Romney and his priesthood worthy of the people? Let's see shall we what this US lawyer has to say about the Morman and his associates. By the way, Obama is no different, and wisdom was called to do the count on him! Rev 13.

I approve of this message


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